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Blink Mobile Technologies Scoops ATUG Innovation Award For 2010

Sydney, 15 March 2010 - Blink Mobile Technologies, an Australian Software-as-a-Service provider of mobile business applications, has won the ATUG (Australian Telecommunications User Group) ‘Innovation in Telecommunications’ Award for 2010. The award was presented in Sydney last week by the Hon Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, and is the second consecutive year that Blink Mobile has been shortlisted by ATUG for the prestigious award recognising the most innovative products and services in the Australian market.

Blink Mobile’s service, myAnswers, enables organisations to rapidly create and deploy customised mobile information services without the need to design, develop and manage mobile-specific web sites or complex applications for each model of mobile phone in use across their customer base or workforce.

myAnswers is built around a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) business model. It provides large to medium-sized organisations with a single development and management platform to control their complete mobile environment. This includes rapid mobile enablement of web services, dynamic web content and intranet/extranet applications. The myAnswers delivery platform also instantly deploys applications across all mobile platforms as soon as they become available unlike the development of a specific application like an iPhone application which addresses the needs of only a proportion of users.
“Mobile-phone applications are one of the biggest growth markets in world computing right now due to the rapid adoption of phones with large screens and vastly cheaper data plans.  Blink Mobile developed myAnswers to allow both public and private sector organisations to take advantage of this revolution. It allows users  to rapidly create and deploy services to their clients and staff via their mobile phones without the need to design, develop and manage complex applications and mobile-specific web sites for the huge number of devices on the market,” said Alan Williams, Director of Blink Mobile Technologies.   

Blink Mobile’s product strategy is based on the user need to access answers and rapidly perform functions through a mobile device by drawing on the existing data resources of their organisation to easily provide those interactions, working in conjunction with existing ‘full screen’ web sites and web services.

The myAnswers Service is a mobilisation management and deployment platform that is one of the simplest and quickest ways organisations can provide straight-forward information from existing web based and other business systems to a mobile user.  The speed of deployment using myAnswers often reduces the development of mobile functionality from weeks or months down to days or even hours.  This enables organisations to be much more responsive to changing situations and more agile in their delivery of new functionality, including mobile forms filling for in-field staff with “disconnected mode” operations.

“The concept of one platform able to provide an organisation with complete control over all types of mobile interactions by all its mobile users and catering for all mobile devices, is one that many large organisations relate with.  These organisations are grappling with countless mobile ‘point solutions’ ranging from SMS broadcast systems to vendor specific packages each with a differing mobile API, to requests to build discrete iPhone applications for every department. myAnswers takes the complexity out of this situation and gives them a solution they can apply across the entire organisation.

“When we present our concept of an ‘answerSpace’, most IT and business managers feel it’s the answer to their mobile access problems.“  There’s no doubt that the era of the mobile is here. But in application terms it’s not coming as a single wave, but at different speeds on different fronts and with vastly different value propositions. This means that large organisations find it almost impossible to cater for everything that’s being expected of them in terms of mobile users,” said Williams.

Blink Mobile has already received significant early support across key industry sectors, including local government, tertiary education, schools, publishing, travel/tourism, advertising and business services.  Customers include The University of Newcastle, Tweed Shire Council, The Scots College, Wyong Shire Council, Central Coast Grammar School and eCruising. Blink Mobile is headquartered on the Central Coast in New South Wales.
For further information, please contact:
Darren Besgrove, Director, Blink Mobile Technologies on 0418 280 764

About Blink Mobile Technologies
Blink Mobile Technologies develops and markets a mobilisation management and deployment platform that allows any organisation to provide rich mobile interactions and response mechanisms from their existing web based information and business systems. Focused on a corporate customer base and running a SaaS business model, Blink’s enterprise-grade services allow organisations to manage their complete mobile environment, while quickly and easily mobile enabling web services, dynamic web content and intranet/extranet applications. The platform, client services and end-user experience resulting from Blink’s services are internationally innovative.