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Boomi Helps Baptist World Aid Instantly Connect Sponsors with Children in Poverty

Australian not-for-profit eliminates manual processing, boosts supporter acquisition, and improves supporter experience through an integrated experience

Sydney, Australia – November 19, 2020 – Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, and leading provider of cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), today announced it helped Baptist World Aid make a strategic investment in its digital journey which resulted in a 200 per cent increase in supporter acquisition. By connecting multiple best-of-breed cloud systems into a cohesive, unified platform, the charity has streamlined its donation processes and built stronger relationships with supporters, which has assisted over 250,000 beneficiaries who are directly impacted by its work to end global poverty. 


Baptist World Aid (BWA) is a not-for-profit that empowers communities to tackle poverty, challenge injustice, and build resilience. Partnering with other Christian organisations and like-minded agencies around the world, BWA supports projects ranging from community development and child sponsorship, to disaster relief and social justice advocacy. 


As part of a digital transformation journey that started in 2014, BWA had a vision for a simpler, more intuitive, cloud-first environment. Not only would this involve overhauling a complex and disconnected on-premises legacy infrastructure, but the new cloud applications would need to be integrated to work together as a unified whole.


Jane Alfred, Information Systems Manager at BWA, said the key driver behind the transformation was to future-proof the organisation’s systems, provide agility and the opportunity to scale, and automate and streamline administrative processes, such as connecting sponsors with children living in poverty-stricken communities.


“Having good systems and connectedness helps support our mission because we are not just trying to connect funds, we are trying to connect people. A core part of that is guaranteeing the donation process is easy. A typical e-commerce-style experience that takes lots of steps and requires supporters to login didn’t fit with the donation experience we wanted for our supporters. However, to make the supporter experience easy actually required quite a lot of pieces to be linked in backend systems,” said Alfred. 


“With the Boomi AtomSphere™ Platform in place, pervasive connectivity between the BWA web site, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle NetSuite accounting, and our marketing automation systems has automated the entire supporter sign up process. Donations immediately transfer from the website to the accounting system for allocation to the correct fund, supporter details are sent to the CRM and marketing automation platforms to initiate a new supporter journey, and the child profile system then allocates the sponsor their child’s profile. Previously, each function was a separate process, most of which were manual, draining productivity and resources,” added Alfred.


Digitising the sign-up process form – previously a major pain point – and enhancing user engagement has streamlined sponsorship onboarding so that new sponsorships can be processed in 30 minutes compared to days or weeks with manual processes and paper forms. This outcome is a result of Boomi’s ability to support the rapid launch of new campaigns, accelerating time to market by giving BWA real-time access to accurate, and clean data to improve digital workflows.


An important feature for BWA was Boomi’s low-code capability to enable the NFP’s small IT team to develop and launch new campaigns without a dedicated integration developer. Alfred said this proved particularly crucial during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“When the pandemic virus hit, we were able to get our COVID-19 appeal up and running in-house within a couple of hours. Additionally, having cloud-based systems made a huge difference in enabling our entire team of 77 to work remotely within just 72 hours. Had we been using our disparate, legacy, on-premises systems, we could not have pivoted to working from home as quickly as we did,” said Alfred.


While working remotely, BWA was also able to complete a rebuild of its Boomi implementation entirely in house as part of a major upgrade of its CRM.


Nicholas Lambrou, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Boomi, said the efficiencies and productivity gains BWA had achieved meant it could harness every opportunity and spend more resources on its core mission.  


“During this time of increased economic headwinds, there is an even greater level of pressure on not-for-profits; that means they need to justify their budgets by ensuring every dollar is spent where it’s needed most,” said Lambrou. “By establishing improved accuracy, data control, and process automation, Baptist World Aid can spend more time on its mission of ending world poverty rather than manual administrative tasks. BWA aims to build meaningful connections between its supporters and the children they sponsor, and data is critical to fostering those strong relationships.”