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Bring the European vacation home this year with Justine Wilson

With international travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, traditional European vacations will have to wait until 2021. However, Justine Wilson, Sydney's interior designer and property stylist from Vault Interiors, is encouraging Australians missing out to bring the vibe home following her four simple steps.

Justine Wilson, founder of  Vault Interiors says, “As none of us will be able to travel internationally over the coming months, there are ways you can bring the European feel to your interior space, and remind you of past holidays and the wonderful trips to come!”

Justine’s top four tips to help convert the family home into a European escape include:

1. Travel books: Beautiful coffee table books - these can be showcasing travel destinations, travel photography, or even beautiful European themed cookbooks. Either display open to a lovely page on your coffee table or display in a cookbook holder on your kitchen bench. It may just inspire you to whip up a European dish or to take you back to treasured memories of past vacations.

2. European scents: One way to create a holiday ambiance is to light a beautifully scented candle, it can uplift your spirits and remind you of a lovely holiday or place. Try floral scents for French vibes, musky scents for a Moroccan feel or oceans scents to take you to the Greek Islands! I like to create a beautiful dining table centrepiece with lots of mismatched candleholders in a variety of heights along the table.

3. Gallery walls: Many European homes feature a mix of old and new decor and often many large gallery walls. One of the reasons is they often have smaller spaces and need to clutter their artwork - but with many of us at home it a great time to refresh your own walls. All you need to do is to frame your own travel photos, posters and moments or tickets from various trips, or even just frame quotes from famous European musicians, poets and playwrights that inspire you. The result is a graphic display that will be a great talking point and will inspire you to collect more and add to your wall with future trips.

4. Eclectic interiors: Europeans are known to often shop at charity shops, antique markets or inherit things that they mix with modern touches. Parisian interiors are famous for this look, as with English country houses. Think about mixing a Persian rug with a rustic coffee table, this works well with a modern slip covered sofa. Another favourite of mine is their ability to combine mismatched cushions and textures, for example, you may use a tartan throw, alongside a rich velvet cushion, plus a floral or patterned feature cushion.

“Although it may be winter here, we can simply follow the Europeans ability to layer due to their extreme seasons and bring that cosy feel into your home while still creating that vacation vibe. Because many European apartments lack outdoor space, it’s also common to bring plant life, so this is another way you can get the look,” adds Justine.