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Business And Martial Arts Expert Afam Elue Says Boxing Can Help Beat Obesity


Afam Elue who is a business expert, has said boxing can help tackle the growing obesity problem in the USA. The marital arts fan said that men and women could become slimmer and healthier if they joined a gym and took up boxing.


The business expert who understands how people are struggling with their weight due to not having much free time with busy jobs and family life, has said even one class a week in boxing could help people to become slimmer and avoid the serious health problems being overweight can cause.


In America, there are over 78.6 million adults who are overweight. Doctors and health experts have warned the figure will continue to rise unless people start to turn to fitness classes and exercise. Afam Elue who has said it is easier to put weight on than lose weight has said boxing or martial arts is a great way to increase physical exercise to help with weight loss.


According to boxing experts, a person can lose more than 700 calories per session. With the boxing sessions providing a full body workout, it can help provide positive weight loss results. Afam Elue explained, that if a person turns to boxing or the gym then they could start to lose weight instead of turning to fad diets.


Health experts have warned that being overweight or obese could cause serious health problems and even lead to a person dying before their time. These health problems include Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, some forms of cancer and depression. Doctors have sent out a clear message that people who are overweight need to exercise at least twenty minutes a day, and find a form of exercise that will motivate them to achieve the goal of weight loss.

Afam Elue said: "Boxing is a great form of exercise and allows a person to let off steam as well as lose calories. One of the biggest problems with office workers or those that work within an office environment is the lack of exercise. A person could be stuck behind a desk all day, which means no exercise and weight gain."

Boxing has become a fun way to lose weight as well as helping a person to gain confidence. Afam Elue has said that boxing is a great way to relax after a hard day in the office and a good way to lose weight while letting off steam.

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About Afam Elue

Afam Elue is a Business Director at The Fugleman Group. He was educated at Harvard University and is a keen fan of martial arts.