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Business Awards Trifecta for Local Logistics Company

Infoactiv receives three awards at the 2014 Whitehorse Excellence in Business Awards

A dynamic Box Hill based company has scooped the 2014 Whitehorse Excellence in Business Awards, the annual awards program organised by the Whitehorse Business Group.


Acknowledging a customer-centric approach, innovation, commercial performance and environmental benefits, Infoactiv received the Medium Business Award, the Environmental and Sustainability Award and the Overall Award as part of the Whitehorse Excellence in Business Awards.


Established in 1999, Infoactiv is a leading independent provider of supply chain and sustainability solutions across the Asia Pacific region. Infoactiv delivers value-added solutions to OEMs, brands, retailers, corporations, institutions and government authorities. Infoactiv customers include MobileMuster, City of Sydney, CISCO and Nikon. The company's ECOACTIV Product Recovery Program is totally focused on product stewardship and innovation in waste management.


The company’s approach is driven by customer need and providing support to better manage internal and external management challenges.


Helen Jarman, Founder and Managing Director said that ‘Infoactiv operates as a business resource for customers rather than a conventional out-sourced supplier.


The focus is on adding value, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation while ensuring environmentally improved outcomes’ said Ms Jarman.


Infoactiv’s ability to work with companies and further enhance their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) performance flows from the ability to identify opportunities that can contribute to how an organisation translates responsibility and engagement into actionable measures and commercial advantage.


Whether it’s about product recovery and recycling e-waste in partnership with local councils, or more effectively managing assets for corporates and global brands, Infoactiv is sharply focused on the triple bottom line – people, planet, profit.


Being recognised by the Whitehorse Excellence in Business Awards is an honour and reinforces Infoactiv’s commitment to adding value, innovation and environmentally improved outcomes.