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Buying a house in Tasmania

Buying a house in Tasmania, at the moment is like walking through a mine field, you have some agents saying that you won't buy a house unless you go unconditional. What a hoax that is and it should be outlawed, all that does is create FOMO. Prior to May 2017 every contract had a  1% defect limit. Now it can be either a number or a percentage. It's best to keep it as low as possible and try to go for 1% or no greater than $10,000. 

When there is say a 5% defect limit on a $500,000 house. That’s a $25000  and it can become more difficult to get out of the contract if the defects are greater than the $25000 when it's high as you'll need to get quotes from trades and at the moment it's hard to get any trade to look at repairs because of how busy the construction industry is in Tasmania.