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Calocurb Demystify The Latest Diet Fads

Although Calocurb recommend the age old method of smaller portions, fewer snacks and healthier food choices, they are happy to put forward some information on the latest diet fads so that you have this at your fingertips when deciding on your journey to ultimate health and fitness.

Ketogenic Diet - Fat is back in this ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet. Keto calls for more protein and cutting carbs to achieve a natural process called ketosis, where the body uses fat for energy instead of sugar.

Paleo - The Paleo diet is all about cutting out modern foods and returning to our hunter-gatherer roots. The focus is on lean protein, fruits and vegetables over calorie and sodium-rich processed foods.

Intermittent Fasting - Intermittent fasting is all about alternating when you do and don’t eat. Like Paleo, it’s designed to mimic our ancient eating habits – in this case, feast and famine. There are several different ways to fast, from alternative-day fasting (25% of your regular intake on fasting days and 125% on feast days) to same day, time-restricted fasting and the popular 5:2 fast diet (5 normal and 2 fasting days each week).

The Raw Food Diet - Raw Foodies believe that cooking reduces the value of nutrients and enzymes needed for digestion and disease prevention. The diet calls for food to be eaten raw or below 45 degrees. Anything cooked, processed, pasteurized, irradiated, or not in its “natural state” is off-limits.

The Alkaline Diet - The alkaline diet starts from the premise that foods impact the body’s internal pH levels and a more alkaline diet improves health and possibly prevents disease. The eating plan focuses on eating alkaline-promoting foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, while eliminating acid-promoting foods like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, and alcohol.

Calocurb say it helps to remember that hunger is normal, natural and proof that our healthy lifestyle changes are working, . Research has demonstrated that bitter compounds support a feeling of fullness or satiety, and with Calocurb’s patented capsule, the hop flower extract is delivered and, with the help of canola seed oil, released directly in the small intestine where it’s most effective.


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