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Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) Taps RightNow Service & Support To Help Customers Help Themselves to Brewery Information

Customer service solution enables consumer service facility consolidation and 93% Self-Service Rate for CUB

RightNow Technologies, the world's leading provider of hosted customer service and support solutions, now assists consumers to find information about Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) through Web self-service and email solutions. RightNow's eService Center
is also used by the customer service representatives in the call centre to increase productivity.
Best known internationally for its Foster's Lager, Carlton & United Breweries, Australia's leading brewer, already has achieved a 93-percent self-service rate since deploying RightNow in August 2002. RightNow's customer service solutions were implemented to support CUB's corporate initiative to centralise consumer service at one facility.
"RightNow is the ideal solution for companies that value exceptional service, as CUB does. CUB is committed to its consumers and to building a world-class customer service and support organisation that provides easily accessible information to consumers," Sean Forbes, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at RightNow said. "RightNow has delivered real cost savings through its solutions and has helped enable CUB to consolidate its consumer service facility into one centralised location."
"Prior to implementing RightNow, our consumer service team was being increasingly flooded with individual telephone requests for information at all our service centres right across Australia," said Anne Tobin, CUB's Consumer Information Centre Manager. "Our response to these requests needed greater national coordination and consistency. RightNow has allowed us to consolidate our consumer service function into one, national centre in Melbourne."
"Now, because most people are helping themselves to information online, the team has more time available for those whose enquiries require the resources of a consumer service representative, " Tobin said.
People with questions can find answers through the self-service offering located on CUB's Web site, www.fostersgroup.com. This 24x7 solution automates information creation and posting for the Consumer Information Centre and creates a highly effective and accessible self-learning knowledge base, powered by artificial intelligence.
If they can't find the information they need, consumers have the option of sending an email question. RightNow's automatic email response is
available 24 hours per day, ensuring consumers receive an answer almost immediately. If the question is a new one, it can be added to the knowledge base automatically. CUB's knowledge base contains question and answer pairs, ranging from "How is beer made?" to "Where can I find Victoria Bitter in the USA?"
RightNow's self-learning technology automatically prioritises information based on the frequency of its use. This ensures that the most used and most useful information is most accessible to users - allowing the largest possible number of consumers to find their answers with the fewest clicks. CUB's consumer service representatives now have more time to deal personally with complicated calls because consumers can now help themselves to information online and provide CUB with feedback in their own time. The information RightNow collects also helps CUB to monitor the effectiveness of its consumer service.
Tobin added: "CUB has a consumer-focused culture. We really welcome consumer feedback. We love it. Now, we have a system that's largely self-managing, offers consumer self-service and gathers useful feedback, and is consistent across all channels-- email, phone and Web interactions.
"Our new online facility can be used by staff and consumers alike,
ensuring people who telephone the contact centre receive the same information as those who use self-service on the Web site," she said.
About RightNow Technologies
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