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Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Award-Winning Perth Ham from P. Princi

For seven generations the Princi family has been working in the butchering industry, both in Italy and in Perth. The firm is now offering a range of meat products on its website.

The concept of honoring mothers with a special day has been practiced in Australia since 1924. For those that are seeking a unique gift for Mother’s Day on May 12, 2019 it’s not too late to take advantage of the offerings at P. Princi Food Services.

Customers can avail themselves of the company’s award-winning Perth ham or a Gold Hamper with delectable delights to prepare for a Mother’s Day feast. Orders are delivered directly to the consumer’s doorstep and all metro orders enjoy a flat $5 delivery fee. Orders can be placed at the company’s online store or at its retail store in Beaconsfield.

P. Princi Food Services is known far and wide for its tasty, award winning Perth ham that’s won numerous awards in prestigious competitions. A ham for the gourmet, it combines moistness and a rich, robust flavor with a texture that allows it to be sliced thick or thin. It can be combined with the butcher shop’s roast veggie selections and side dishes.

For a truly unique Mother’s Day meal, consumers can choose a Gold Hamper from the Perth butcher shop. Large enough to serve up to eight family and friends, the hamper features gluten free BBQ sausages, bacon, grass-fed lamp chops and BBQ steaks, rolled beef roast, cacciatore, and a veal and spinach roulade in a reusable P. Princi Hessian bag.

Children can choose any of the hampers or specialty dishes available at P. Princi Food Services to prepare a sumptuous meal for the guest of honor. Mothers are also practical and children can simply present it to her as a gift that provides multiple no-fuss meal selections.

The butcher offers a comprehensive array of beef, chicken, goat, lamb, pork and veal, along with sausages, small goods, BBQ packs, roast vegetables and dishes such as cannelloni. The Perth wholesale butcher shop also supplies quality meats and small goods to some of the most well-known restaurants in the state.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s not too late to place an order for any of P. Princi’s gourmet meat selections, award-winning Perth ham, or a Gold Hamper. It’s easy to celebrate mothers and their achievements with the quality meats, meals and side dishes to cook for that special woman in their life.

About P. Princi Food Services

The Princi family has been working in the butchering industry for seven generations – both in Italy and in Perth. The tradition began when Pasquale Princi immigrated to Australia in the early 1950s. He immediately obtained a butcher’s job and opened his first store in the early 1960s. The company has won dozens of awards in numerous categories across Australia, earning his son Joe, who is currently in charge of the business, a reputation as a pioneer among his peers. The company was the Outright Gold Winner of the 2015 Pork Steak Your Claim Competition; won the Gold in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Gold in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Silver in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; and the Silver in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards.

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