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Christmas in Port

Entertainment and unique window displays, possibly a world first, to attract shoppers

Thursday, 28 November is the launch of “Christmas in Port” and it’s going to be a huge fun-filled occasion for everyone with attractions throughout the Bay Street, Port Melbourne precinct running from 5pm through to 9pm.

The attractions include:

* Music includes the renowned Melbourne Singers of Gospel Choir (60 singers) performing songs of soul and purpose in the Gospel and Motown tradition with funky, foot-stomping energy and jazz-blues accompaniment;

* A Circus Oz workshop for children where they can learn diabolo, plate spinning and juggling;

* Santa stops by for a visit;

* The Cadence Capella Choir (15 singers) performing traditional, world, popular and gospel music; Musical Directions and various school choirs.

* The Puppet Show and a balloon giveaway.

But the biggest attraction, which runs right up to Christmas is the unique Port Melbourne-themed window display, which is an Australian and possibly world first.

* 150 shops/stores in and around Bay Street Port Melbourne will be adorned with 2000 different window decorations: that’s around 4.5 kilometres of unique Christmas window dressings.

* Celebrated display artist from Switzerland, Roz Zweifel, has created the vinyl decals, which are taking seven people three weeks to install.

* 12 windows depict the Twelve Days of Christmas carol Port Melbourne style. For example, a coffee on Bay Street (as you do with 30+ places to chose from), four fresh fish, eight yachts a-sailing and 12 seagulls soaring amongst the many window displays.

A little known fact is that Bay Street has the most health and beauty stores in a strip centre in Australia (50). From nails to hair dressing to cosmetic surgery, you can get whatever you want here.

And there’s also a window display “treasure hunt” where two people can win a bike each. The competition ends on 22 December.
More information is at www.facebook.com/PortMelbourneBusinessAssociation