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Color Me Rad Bolsters Fun Run Market

Rad Shows Fun in Full Colour

Fit and fun have become synonymous with a growing market place in the running world.  Entertainment has made its way into fitness with a catalyst for improving health. With more ways than ever to be distracted through computer, TV and mobile screens we often settle into a sedentary digital lifestyle. We find ourselves in need of pitch.  An inspiration to let loose. The fun run gives us that excuse to break out and free ourselves from their glowing shackles. Finding and embracing that first step towards breaking away feels as daunting of a task as sailing across the Pacific Ocean alone. But then a beacon of inspiration as distinct as the Southern Cross draws you back into the real word, a RAD new world. Helping make our bodies grow stronger and giving us a vivid, more colourful new perspective

Color Me Rad 5k has arrived and is here to put you in the fun run scene. Getting creative with how they submerge your whole body in colour is what separates them from the rest. With plans to have colour cannons, colour mortars and colour fire trucks that fill the sky with the brightness of 10,000 rainbows is a start to say the least. With the colour raining down, you will be both refreshed and invigorated with your new found outlook on life.  This 5k does not have an ounce of competitive spirit and scorns you for not taking your time. Color Me Rad’s goal is to layer you in so much colour that you leave your monochrome life behind and begin living vibrantly in High Def.

With the carefree atmosphere they create, getting fit doesn't feel like a chore, but a prize. When you've finished the impossible distance of 5 km you are greeted with a celebration of your victory. Huge colour throws, music and dancing. The ultimate instant gratification for a job well done . This is how Color Me Rad separates itself from everyone else, by creating the greatest after run party you have ever seen. You will be more tired from jumping then from the run itself. 

Get fit, have fun, and join team RAD at www.colormerad5k.com.au. The first step to a happier, healthier you is right here.