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Come Fly With Us, Europe & the United Kingdom

JetShare by Airly in the U.K. & europe

Savvy travellers are learning that empty leg flights are an efficient, convenient, and valuable way of travelling; accessing the premium private jet experience, for approximately business-class pricing. With the ‘empty leg’ occurring when a charter aircraft needs to get somewhere else, in order to carry out the next revenue-generating, passenger-carrying charter flight(s), an empty leg typically generates no revenue, and carries no passengers.

Empty legs are a cost of doing business for charter operators.  Much like the opportunity cost of a taxi waiting for a fare, of a seller paying to list an object for sale in a classifieds paper, or in a holiday-home owner looking to reduce their repayments.  Those last three examples have all been disrupted by technology; Uber offers on-demand services, that benefits drivers and passengers; ebay connects sellers and buyers; and, Airbnb lets homeowners supplement their revenue through travellers looking for non-traditional accommodation.  

And now, Airly offers U.K. & European travellers empty legs, via our technology app, JetShare.

Having launched in Australia in July, Airly quickly recognised the sophistication of the U.K. & European markets from both progressive flight operators and discerning travellers, and listed our first European flight in September. With 43 empty legs currently listed in Europe, there are plenty of opportunities for accessible, efficient air travel. Jersey to Biggin Hill on an 8-seat Citation XLS, for instance, or Bristol to Mallorca on a Citation CJ2; Bournemoth to Guernsey on the larger Dassault Falcon 2000, and Portugal's Faro Airport to Biggin Hill on a Learjet 75; all operated by professional, safe, regulated, and respectable charter companies. These are just some of the opportunities where Airly members (membership is GBP99 per year) can save more than 50% of the standard chartered cost of the private jet, while enjoying the full experience of business jet travel.

Feedback from Airly members who have experienced flying private through JetShare have said that it is addictive in its convenience and calmness, and the seamless door-to-door experience in which travellers can continue working & being productive is refreshing.  Going back to commercial travel, despite holding a high-level tier with a commercial airline (see also Airly's Platinum What? campaign) was the hardest part, according to one member.  Similarly, while operators work hard to reduce inefficiencies in their business, empty legs do occur.  JetShare helps operators recover the costs associated with empty legs, while maintaining the premium nature of private jet travel.  Although some flexibility is required, in case the empty leg changes, with estimates of up to 40% of business jet flights being empty legs, Airly creates a net benefit by providing value and utility to both the demand and supply side of equation.

Founded by two regular travellers who believed there must be a better way to fly, Airly's founders envisage a future where air travel is more efficient, enjoyable, and easy.  Private jet travel enables this future, and JetShare by Airly delivers it.