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Compuware APM Extends Leadership in Big Data With Enhanced Visibility Into Hadoop, NoSQL and Cassandra

Compuware APM for Big Data Delivers Immediate Insight Into Big Data Deployments to Speed Problem Resolution, Optimise Performance and Reduce Risk

Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR), the technology performance company delivering a new generation of application performance management (APM), has announced that Compuware APM for Big Data now offers enhanced support and out-of-the-box dashboards that enable organisations to optimise big data projects through unmatched visibility into Hadoop, NoSQL and Cassandra deployments. Now organisations have deeper insight into big data workloads and transactions to quickly find the root cause of slow jobs and failures in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Enhancements for Hadoop enable operations teams to gain deep insight into the most active users in a cluster with automatic profiling of intensive jobs. Problem patterns, including data shuffle across the network, can be quickly identified as well as resource utilisation and tracking to enable charge-back models.

New enhancements in Compuware APM for Big Data include:

-- Enhanced out-of-the-box, zero configuration dashboards for Hadoop, with direct correlation of map and reduce tasks to users, pools, queues and jobs. This gives users unprecedented insight into performance of the cluster in relation to Hadoop-specific metrics and resources consumed by jobs.

Support for Hadoop 2 and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.0, the only Hadoop distribution that provides support for Windows.

-- Greater insight into Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and how data is moved across the cluster. This allows organisations to identify problem patterns with data locality and ensure distribution is optimised.

-- Full support for Cassandra, including recently released CQL3. Companies can also optimise end-to-end transactions using the latest versions of MongoDB, Hbase and many other NoSQL databases.   

Hortonworks, the leading vendor for 100 percent open source Apache distributions, is partnered with Compuware APM to provide customers with faster, less complicated development cycles by virtue of complete visibility into the performance of their MapReduce jobs.

"Hortonworks Data Platform is designed to integrate with the data management and productivity tools enterprises rely on every day," said John Kreisa, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Hortonworks. "Based on Apache Hadoop 2, HDP 2.0 offers unprecedented abilities to store all data in Hadoop and interact with the data in multiple ways. Compuware APM's support for both HDP 2.0 and Apache Hadoop 2 will enable enterprises to maximise their big data investments, streamline Hadoop deployments and optimize data-driven applications."

"Compuware APM for Big Data is built with the understanding that many organisations are facing major challenges in taming complex deployments and need meaningful, easy and rapid insight in order to maximise their investments and minimise their risks," said Steve Tack, Vice President of Product Management for Compuware's APM business unit. "Our newest innovations and enhancements provide specific advancements across Hadoop, NoSQL and Cassandra to make big data simpler and more straightforward. Compuware APM for Big Data will allow our customers to leap ahead in the analytics race."

Compuware APM is the leader in a new generation of application performance management. Unlike traditional APM solutions that are heavy, difficult and reactive, Compuware APM is light, smart and proactive. Compuware APM is built to manage the complexity of today's most challenging modern applications including mobile, cloud, big data and SOA. Compuware APM optimises and monitors tens of thousands of applications for more than 5,000 customers, large and small, around the globe. Through the lens of end-user experience, our customers enjoy faster performance, proactive problem resolution, accelerated time-to-market and reduced application management costs through smarter analytics, advanced APM automation and a unique performance lifecycle foundation.