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People are Saying “No” to the Knife Says Beauty Expert

It’s not just her own experience as a cosmetic nurse that tells her it’s happening – it’s repots from around the world, says Shelley Stevens, co-owner of Platinum Face and Body Clinic. People are less likely to go for plastic surgery than they were a decade ago.

Figures from the United States illustrate the trend well. Six percent fewer people are going for facelifts, the once-popular “nose job” is down by 44 percent and the buttock implant, once touted as the next big thing has declined by over 56 percent.

Stevens says it’s not that people have given up on changing the way they look – they’re just more likely to opt for non-surgical alternatives. 

“Nobody wants the downtime – and few find the price tag attractive,” says Stevens. “People also don’t want dramatic changes to their appearance – at least not if they’re outside the realm of reconstructive surgery and into the purely cosmetic.”

According to Stevens, people do still want to improve their looks, but they’re also more likely to accept diversity, and that includes things like a nose that doesn’t fit the European aesthetic. “People are developing a broader definition of beauty. There’s no longer a cookie-cutter look that every woman is supposed to aspire to, say Stevens. 

As for the buttock implant, Stevens says she always suspected it would just be a fad. “Were seeing greater acceptance of curvy body lines,” she says, “but most people still want to be slender.” And, says, Stevens, bottoms are probably among the last things on most people’s minds when it comes to enhancing their appearance.

“At our clinic, most of our clients are more concerned about their faces than their bottoms,” says Stevens. “When they do ask about bottoms, they’re far more likely to be looking for volume reduction advice than looking for ways to add volume.”

While an interest in plastic surgery may be falling fast, Stevens says that both men and women are interested in improving their complexions. “They want to have that healthy glow,” she says, “and they are looking for ways to reduce lines and wrinkles. This type of concern represents the majority of clients these days.”

As for the rest of the body, stubborn fat bulges enjoy the most attention from beauty clinic clients. “By now, everybody realises there’s no magic wand. If you want to lose weight, it’s about diet and exercise. It’s only when people are already at their target weight that they need advice on how to deal with bumps and bulges that won’t go away no matter how healthy and active they are.”

So, for those of us who have found purely cosmetic surgeries to be a worrying sign of the times, it’s a trend that appears to be on the decline. Having said that, most of us are no less interested in looking our best – there just seem to be non-surgical alternatives that people are finding more attractive, less costly, and less risky than surgery.

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