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Courtney Thorpe’s 5 things she wished she’d packed in her hospital bag

Courtney Thorpe, mum to 11-month old Kennedy and step-daughters Peyton (5) and Lara (7), shares the top five things she wishes she’d packed in her hospital bag, especially when her daughter arrived six weeks early. The former Miss World, TV presenter and wife of star footballer Jarrod Wallace shares the mistakes she made, and what she’ll be packing next time.
Courtney says, “I found it really overwhelming and didn’t know where to start when it came to packing my hospital bag. There are some great lists out there, but your experience is going to determine what you pack. Plus, you really need to be prepared for the unknown, but also remember the shops are nearby.
“Whether you’re giving birth early, planning on breast or bottle feeding, it will change what you need. I knew I was going to be in the hospital for a while, I thought I’d overpacked for myself, but it was Kennedy that I really went overboard with, I’d taken pretty much everything I’d bought for her!” said Courtney.
For Baby Courtney suggests:
  1. Onesies: That zip both ways, this makes it some much easier for nappy changes, and only take a few, not 10!
  2. Swaddles: A couple is all you really need, and they can always be washed and brought back if you need more.
  3. Mittens: I didn’t use ours, but I know how cold hospitals can get, it also helps to avoid bub scratching their face.
  4. Going home outfit: I found this one the most fun to shop for!
  5. WaterWipes Baby Wipes: I didn’t know about these until I was given a sample in the NICU, we haven’t looked back since.
For Mum Courtney wishes she had:
  1. Button-through everything: I learnt this the hard way. Learning to breastfeed is hard enough!
  2. Going home outfit for you: Buy this in the size you are when you go in, everything swells and if it ends up being too big you’ll feel great about yourself, rather than upset about not getting into your skinny leg jeans.
  3. WaterWipes Facial Wipes: There’s no time for a full cleanse in the morning and evening and with these wipes you can quickly clean your face without worrying about allergic reactions to nasty chemicals.
  4. High waisted pants and undies: Especially if you have a C-section, you never know so it’s the safest most comfortable option either way, say goodbye to the G-string for now.
  5. Dark coloured pants: I took all white pants. I’m sure the mums out there realise what an epic mistake that was!
“My best tip is one that I only actually read about after my birth. Pack outfits into small bags so you or your partner can easily access them from your bag. After a C-section it can be quite uncomfortable having to bend down and get in there, let alone rummage through to find what you need,” said Courtney.
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