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Crowdsourcing site DesignCrowd.com reaches 25,000 designers, approaches $1M in projects

DesignCrowd.com, a leading marketplace for graphic design, has grown its user base of designers to 25,000

DesignCrowd.com, a crowdsourcing sitefor everything from logo design to business card design to wordpress theme designhas grown its user base 25,000 designers.

From design studios, to individuals with years of experience, to students straight out of university, the 25,000 designers on DesignCrowd are a very diverse group of talented graphic design artists. DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says DesignCrowd's Graphic Designer Directory is overflowing with international design talent and designers from around the world - "We have Indonesian designers, Canadian designers, Australian designers, Romanian designers, UK designers and American designers - the list goes on." DesignCrowd's top 500 designers is dominated by Australian graphic designers,Canadian logo designers, UK logo designers, Philippine graphic designers, Singapore graphic designers, Indonesian graphic designers, Indian graphic designersand designers from Romania.

DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch puts their success down to DesignCrowd's “Crowdsourcing 2.0” business model - a model that allows for designers to receive 'participation payments' for projects even when they don't win.

DesignCrowd, started in 2008 by Alec Lynch and Adam Arbolino, has grown from 4,000 designers to 25,000 in the last 12 months. DesignCrowd’s business has grown over 797% in a year and is approaching one million dollars ($1M) in project budgets to its designers. With the amount of projects launched on the site increasing month to month designers have a good range of work to choose from.

Lynch says the $1M project mark is significant because "it shows we're helping designers who want work and need money." Lynch points out that many ofDesignCrowd's designers arefreelance graphic designerswho "work-from-home designers, don't have a full time job or live in developing nations. We surveyed its designers in December and discovered that people around the world are using their earnings from DesignCrowd to buy everything from staples for their kids to chairs for their homes to plane tickets for their holidays".

Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd’s CEO believes the site will have over 100,000 designers by the end of 2011 as the site’s popularity increases.

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