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Customise Spring Water Bottles with Big Wet

Natural spring water delivery company Big Wet have a new 500ml range of water bottles that they produce in their factory. They can also print customised labels for customers and have recently completed an order of these bottles for Obrien Realestate. These customised water bottle labels are growing in popularity not just with businesses, but also for weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers and other occasions.

Furthermore, customers who buy five of TheTop of Form 500ml PET Spring Water Bottles, pack of 20, will get one free. To claim this offer, customers can add a quantity of six into their shopping cart online and the cart will automatically apply a discount. Discount will be applied after all details have been added to the order. Big Wet also has discounted pallet rates. Pallets are packaged 96 slabs per pallet. 

Big Wet customers can also try their water cooler or filtration system for free. Installation is quick without much fuss and after 14 days they can decide if it is best for them. Customers are under no obligation to buy. To organise a free trial, customers can fill in an online form or call 1800 061 205.

Big Wet is committed to delivering healthy water solutions. Their spring water coolers and filtration systems are a great addition to any business. Big Wet’s water is naturally very low in minerals and has the added benefit of being filtered both at source and at the bottling plant. This means there are no hidden impurities and it has a clean refreshing taste. There are no added chemicals or preservatives. There premium spring water is one of the best, fresh tasting due to high purity. The water is free of contaminants and bacteria making it healthy.

In another promotion when customers rent a free-standing hot and cold water cooler for just $49 (plus GST) for one year they will get two 15-litre spring bottles, five slabs of 500 ml (20 pack), cup holder and a sleeve of cups absolutely free.

There is no contract to be signed for this special. Rentals revert to $90 (plus GST) after the first year. The price quoted excludes GST. Customers must nominate a freestanding cooler or bench top cooler while placing the order.

Big Wet sources water from two deep underground springs from picturesque hills of Daylesford Victoria. They deliver spring water free of charge to areas in Melbourne including Geelong and greater Melbourne regions. Customers can explore their bottle water and water filtration products on their easy-to-shop website.

Their knowledgeable delivery crew support smooth bottle delivery, filter installation and picking up the empties. They keep tabs on customers to ensure they have not run out and to sort out extra bottles when needed. They can also drop bottles and coolers off to multiple sites in the same building. The free distribution service reaches metropolitan Melbourne including the expanding northern suburbs, Bayswater and the Yarra Ranges, Geelong and the Bellaraine peninsula, plus the regional area of Gippsland and the Bass coast.

For more information on water bottle, spring water delivery Melbourne, water bottle dispenser and more, call 1300 699 965 or visit https://www.bigwet.com.au/