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CXC Global stops providing payroll processing services to former client ICS.

Newstead, QLD (PR Release Date) Solar energy has become more popular over the years. There have been a growing number of people getting concerned about their carbon footprints and are looking for ways to use renewable energy. However, most people dont know how to avail of alternative energy or where to find affordable solar powered products that can be used in day to day life.

To answer these problems,Solar Godshas launched their new websitewww.solargods.com.au. The sleek and easy-to-navigate website makes solar products more accessible with just a click of the mouse. You can browse through their collection of innovative products, read through the detailed product information, order online and have your preferred products delivered to you.

The site is your portal to novelsolar products, such as portable solar panels,solar lights, solar chargers and solar light caps. Solar promotional products are also available on their website to encourage businesses and organisations to promote their brands the eco-friendly way. The products featured are results of the integration of solar technology into usual everyday products for a greener day to day life.

Visit the Solar Gods website now atwww.solargods.com.auand browse through their list of high quality solar products online.

About the Company

Solar Gods is an Australian company founded by Spencer Smith, an engineer with a zeal for renewable energy. The company was created due to the growing demand of solar products and the desire to have these types of products become more affordable, accessible and portable.

The company aims to be the gateway to innovative and useful solar products that can be used by people from all walks of life.

Ultimately, Solar Gods vision is for all people to live a sustainable lifestyle through the use of solar products and to change the world one solar cell at a time.

Contact Information:

Spencer Smith

213/1 Ella Street, Newstead, Queensland 4006

Phone: +61 (0) 40 777 6907