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Cyber NETiquette - To be or not to be an undercover "Anonymous" LinkedIn member?

If LinkedIn was a real-life networking event, how would you react if you saw these "Anonymous" LinkedIn members profiles?

If LinkedIn was a real-life networking event, how would you react if you saw these "Anonymous" LinkedIn members profiles? With the wide adoption of social media over the last couple of years, the conversation has evolved away from "Why we use social media?" to "How do we use social media?"

Sites like LinkedIn have shifted us away from "Anonymous" internet usage to an age of personal branding and online identity ownership. So, if our online profiles are to be taken as extensions of ourselves or at least representations of our best self, shouldn't our actions online just be a reflection of what we are like offline? If social media is just a new tool to achieve the same end goal - to communicate - shouldn't the same cyber netiquette for communicating in person or over the telephone apply?

Cyber Netiquette represents the importance of proper manners and behaviour online. In general, cyber netiquette is the set of professional and social etiquettes practiced and advocated in electronic communication over any computer network. Common guidelines include being courteous and precise, and avoiding cyber-bullying. Netiquette is a short form of Network Etiquette or Internet Etiquette. The more LinkedIn member netiquette rules there are, the more civilized LinkedIn as a professional networking social platform will be for everybody because the human mind strives for order. Rules give us order. Within LinkedIn, it is a good cyber netiquette to act as you do in reality on the internet. Ask yourself whether or not you would do it, say it, or write it to one of your real friends or associates. If you have to ask yourself this question whatever you are thinking of is not something you would do in reality.

It is a proper LinkedIn member cyber netiquette to be yourself online because you are not always a LinkedIn "anonymous" and others users are real people too. Do not try to be LinkedIn "Anonymous" online that you would not do in reality because you cannot be taken seriously if you do. Your online image is important. Don't ruin it by being someone "anonymous" you're not. You are who you are in life. Everyone has the power to change their ways. Your ways are your own. If you don't like who you are, then change your ways and become who you want to be "Anonymous" LinkedIn Member - Who are you and why do you choose to be "Anonymous" on LinkedIn to some of us?

1) They could be a person on LinkedIn that simply does not know that is how they have their settings set up in the first place.

2) They could be a professional friend you used to work with that has a terrible LinkedIn profile and is just trying to see what it is like to have a better profile.
3) They could be a person afraid to have a public profile because of fear of their employer seeing it and taking measures to make their life miserable. I am sure nobody has ever heard of this happening before.
4) It could be a competitor of your managerial position just checking to see what you are up to- if that is the case take it as a compliment.
5) It could be that employer checking out your profile to see if he or she fills the types of positions that they have openings in and if they could be of assistance to them.
6) It could be someone looking for help with media & publicity interviewing or whatever your expertise & forte may be.

Most could care less who this elusive LinkedIn masked crusader could be within our very own professional network but we are more interested in why they choose to keep their status as "Anonymous". Who else this "Anonymous" LinkedIn Member could be?

Do not let the LinkedIn space impulses fool you into feeling like the LinkedIn world is an "Anonymous" atmosphere. It is not. It is a vibrant LinkedIn community of users willing to engage and interact with you at your best. Let your LinkedIn online image show how good you are. Everyone is good at something. Use the LinkedIn world to showcase what your good at. Highlight the positive side of who you are in reality.

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