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Dash cam for Dad a perfect Father’s Day gift

Dash cams can save time and money in the event of an accident

For Dad’s who love their car and auto gadgets (surely that’s all Dad’s?), the perfect gift for them this Father’s Day is a DriveSense dash cam from Andatech.

Dash cams — or car dashboard cameras — are increasingly popular, not just to view and share the bizarre antics that others get up to on the roads, but more seriously, to provide insurance against road accidents where the driver isn’t at fault.

Insurance companies love getting footage from a car crash as it usually proves who was at fault and is liable for the repair costs. It not only saves the driver having to pay an excess, but is also is a big time-saver. 

The three models in the DriveSense range produce crisp clear video recordings, and audio if desired, including other information such as location, date, time and speed.

Ensuring the video footage is protected when needed is crucial so a built-in gravity sensor detects vibrations and sudden jolting motions that alert the user to protect the recorded file if they wish so it cannot be deleted or overwritten.

Andatech’s dash cam models comprise 

  • DriveSense Spotter ($149) with High Dynamic Range video that balances dark and light areas automatically to give an ideal image even under difficult lighting conditions, so the driver is more likely to capture fine details such as licence plate details.
  • DriveSense Ranger ($249) with integrated WiFi, built-in GPS and it records in high resolution super HD 1080p at 30 frames per second.
  • DriveSense Ranger Duo ($299), which has both a front and rear dash cam with GPS, a 2-inch LCD colour screen for the front windscreen. The front camera offers a wide 150-degree field of view that provides an excellent view of large intersections or road crossings and up to 5 lanes of traffic. Its rear cam offers a wide 135-degree wide angle view.

Following the easy installation, it can connect directly to a smartphone for viewing and downloading files using the free DriveSense app.

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Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, workplaces, hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of up to 9 drug groups, providing error-free results. Andatech’s distribution channel offers consumer safety and air quality products including dash cams, FIR heater, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and humidifiers. https://www.andatech.com.au/


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