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Dejavu Worlds is Calling all Gamers to Beta Test Alida Game for iOS

Travel back 2003 with the latest release of the acclaimed point and click game, Alida from indie developer Dejavu Worlds

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - May 4, 2015 - Celebrating 12 years since the original release of Alida for Macintosh OS 9, Dejavu Worlds announces the beta availability of Alida: iOS Release – a completely updated version of Alida for iPad. Dejavu Worlds is calling on all previous Alida Gamers to Test and play Alida: iOS Beta Release. They will see that Alida delivers the same unique story and gameplay of the original Alida adventure game, in a visually stunning experience updated for iPad. Alida Game website www.AlidaGame.com

Alida was originally released on January 17, 2003 to critical acclaim. Alida's graphics, music, puzzles and environments created by independent developer, Dejavu Worlds pays homage to the best-selling game of the last millennium, Myst and Riven by Cyan. Alida Game takes the baton and runs with it moving this original adventure genre forward, updating the game to a state-of-the-art experience for today's iOS platform.

The same realtime experience of the original game allows for complete freedom of interaction and navigation. Movement from place to place around the Island of Alida is seamless. The established rocket mode together with the new interactive tips feature make navigation options and puzzle solving easier whilst providing the familiar point-and-click exploration that works just like the original Alida. Here are some links to Screen Shots: http://www.alidagame.com/gallery-ipad-game

“Beautiful visuals; seamless CGI and FMV sequences; a large variety of puzzles.” said Troy Hoshor from Adventure Gamers of the original release of Alida.

“Where do I begin? I have found myself, for the past several weeks, consumed by Alida, a refreshingly complex and well-designed first-person, point-and-click adventure game from independent Australian developer Dejavu Worlds.” said Orb from Tap Repeatedly of the original release of Alida.

The simplicity of the “original” Alida interface was not an easy thing to replicate for iOS. “The team at Dejavu Worlds located, edited and relabelled  every still, video and audio file from the original Alida for the iOS Release of Alida for iPad.” said Cos Russo, Software Developer on the project. “Our goal was to provide an uncompromising experience. We wanted to retain the simplicity of the point and click interface from the original Alida game.”

The added grunt of the latest hardware from Apple together with the enhancements in Apple’s compression codecs made it possible to deliver the same visual quality of the original Alida but in a smaller footprint. 

Alida: iOS Release is being launched at a price of $4.99US. It will be available for iOS iPhone and iPad immediately after beta testing is complete. 

About Dejavu Worlds:
"Alida was my first production. Why did I create an interactive computer game? To me it's like walking right into the movie screen and becoming the main character. It's an exciting medium where story, graphics, animation, sound and music intertwine and put a spell on the player.

My background is in the Australian music and film industry with graphic design thrown in. It gives me great satisfaction knowing there were many people who had played Alida in the past. It's exciting as a creative person to think that people are experiencing a world that previously only existed entirely in my brain.

With the release of Alida for iOS the journey can be relived on this exciting new platform."
Cos Russo - Dejavu Worlds