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DIY Pergolas Gaining in Popularity

Timber suppliers in Brisbane reveal why DIY pergolas are becoming such popular projects.

Brisbane, QLD, 30 June 2016 - According to timber suppliers in Brisbane, pergolas are becoming popular as DIY projects. In particular, a low deck on the ground with a pergola built over it to create an alfresco living area seems to be a popular choice among Brisbane homeowners.

Alfresco living areas are becoming extremely popular in Brisbane and across Australia. Many feel this is because they are a great way to add living space to a home without spending the money to “trade up” to a larger home or build an addition onto their home.

A deck with a pergola over it offers reasonable protection from the elements. The pergola provides shade and can even provide protection against rain, depending on the build of the roof. The low deck puts a floor in the backyard, allowing for furniture and providing protection from wet ground after and during a rainstorm.

For many Australians, there is nothing like sitting on one’s deck in the shade under a pergola, enjoying a cold beverage and some food. A reasonably-sized deck can be used to entertain guests on weekend afternoons or warm evenings, too.

A low deck and a pergola are seen as a good beginning to intermediate projects because they are low-risk. The pergola doesn’t have nearly as many structural demands as a roof on a building. A low deck doesn’t entail nearly as much structural work as a raised deck with a stairway on the second storey or roof.

This combination of low deck and pergola allow the DIY builder an opportunity to expand the living space of his home without spending nearly as much money as it would be for the same area to be turned into an addition to the home. It also doesn’t increase the area of the inside of the house, meaning there will be no increase in the cost of heating or cooling the home.

Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, high quality timber suppliers in Brisbane. According to Mr Kyle: “We have seen a bit of an upturn in DIY pergolas being used to create more outdoor space for homeowners. With homes getting smaller and more expensive, incorporating some of your backyard into your home is the best way to increase living space and enjoy yourself more.”

At Narangba Timbers, they carry everything a DIY builder needs to build a pergola and a timber deck. They also have a customer service crew that takes a great deal of pride in being able to help homeowners create the desired outcomes when undertaking their projects.

Mr Kyle concludes: “All it takes is a look at the cable TV guide to get an idea of just how much we love our DIY projects in Australia. We love the combination of a pergola and a low deck because it has a great ratio of enjoyment to the time and effort spent building it. It feels great to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.”

Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. They carry a wide selection of timbers for a variety of projects such as pergolas, timber decking, timber fencing and timber flooring. They have a reputation for amazing customer service. For more info or to enquire about timber for a project, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: http://www.narangbatimbers.com.au/.