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DNA adds uberAgent to Splunk Ecosystem

DNA Connect, one of Australia's most experienced distributors announces a new partnership with vast limits, the company behind uberAgent. With this new signing, DNA Connect will provide their partners with an application that generates the high-quality metrics needed to improve user experience.

"In a nutshell, uberAgent tells you why PCs and applications are slow or crashing.", said vast limits managing director Helge Klein. "uberAgent provides the visibility IT departments need to increase both productivity and end user satisfaction."

uberAgent is built on the powerful Splunk platform, which makes it possible to enrich uberAgent’s data with information from other data sources to generate true operational intelligence.

“We’re always looking to add quality products to the Splunk ecosystem and uberAgent is one of the best we’ve come across.” said, DNA Connect Director Munsoor Khan. “So many of our Partners are offering SLA’s to their customers with very little room for error. uberAgent can be a key tool in detecting any potential issues before they impact customer experience.”

uberAgent tracks application stability and UI responsiveness. It measures the duration of machine bootups and user logons, showing where delays are coming from. uberAgent identifies high latency to backend systems and other network connectivity issues. It inventories installed applications and reports on how often they are used.

Due to its minimal footprint uberAgent is nearly invisible on the endpoint. The collected data is stored in Splunk, the leading platform for accessing machine data. uberAgent comes with a rich set of dashboards that can easily be extended should the need arise. Backed by Splunk, uberAgent scales from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, providing full end-to-end visibility.

About uberAgent

uberAgent is a Splunk agent for Windows end-user computing. It does not just collect data – it gives you the information that matters. Other monitoring products rely on the performance counters built into Windows. uberAgent has its own metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and application performance. uberAgent tells you everything you need to know about physical PCs, virtual desktops, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View without affecting your systems’ user density. To learn more about uberAgent, visit uberagent.com.

About DNA Connect

DNA Connect is one of Australia's most experienced distributors with over 20 years of experience offering connectivity and analytics solutions. DNA has been providing solutions that securely connect devices and things in Enterprise and Industrial markets and visualise data and monetise insight. These skills and knowledge have positioned DNA perfectly within the Big Data and IoT markets.