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Dogs lost to heat

The Editor

Dear Editor,
As the weather heats up (and it’s not even summer yet!) we need to remember our canine companions, who often suffer more than we do during high temperatures.
Most people know now not to leave dogs in hot cars, in which the temperature on a warm day can rise to forty degrees in five minutes. Yet still police and motorist organisations are rescuing hundreds of dogs every year from this agonising fate. People are often unaware that parking in the shade and with your windows down doesn’t make much difference to the temperature inside your car.
A less-known danger is faced by dogs who are tied up in yards without access to shade and water. A dog in Brisbane was found dead last week from heat stress after being tethered to a fencepost in the sun. Dogs should be kept inside in the cool but, if they must be left outside, The RSPCA have appealed to people to secure their gardens rather than use tethers, ensure there is always an area of shade as the sun shifts around the garden, and always to have two to three containers of water available, in case one gets knocked over.
If you see an animal in distress, please call the police or the RSPCA.
Desmond Bellamy
Special Projects Coordinator
PETA Australia
PO Box 2352
Byron Bay NSW 2481
0411 577 416