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Don’t let marketing stop when the property is sold

In a world first, JustClickVideos has taken the Australian real estate industry by storm clocking over 1,000 videos made within only one month since launch. The innovative service, helping sales agents and property managers create professional property videos in just one click, has now launched a new template for Sold Properties set to take your property marketing campaigns to the next level. After all, marketing your brand and proven results should be amplified following a great sale.
Co-Director of JustClickVideos, Miguel Donnenfeld says, “Along with the new sold template, we have also implemented intelligent automatic recognition software which automatically selects whether the property listing web address (URL) is for sale, lease or sold. The platform then creates the tailored video accordingly with the correct template. We want to make the service as simple, streamlined and time-saving as possible for agents.”
Launching their first video template designed specifically for Sold Properties, the JustClickVideos platform now allows agents to capitalise on great sale results and showcase them in the most engaging format for social sharing and EDMs – video.
Damian Blumenkranc, Co-Director of JustClickVideos says, “After a successful launch, new innovative features and many more to come, we are excited to continue growing and developing the platform. We have had some great feedback following the launch in April from real estate agents and property managers across Australia.”
JustClickVideos are completely customisable for your brand, allowing agents to ensure the colour scheme, logo and music fit the branding of an agency.
How it works:
1. Property Information (comes automatically from your listing): Copy and paste your sold property listing web address from realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.
2. Video Creation (it is automatic): In 5-10 minutes you will receive an email with a link to download your real estate video.

3. Use it everywhere: Upload your new property video and spread the word - Use it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Listings, Instagram and more.
Create your first video now from your desktop browser or via your mobile on-the-go:
About Just Click Videos:
Backed and powered by Attento, the pioneers in personalised and interactive videos in Australia, the Attento platform is currently trusted by tier-one banks, superannuation funds, universities, insurance and finance companies around the globe. 
Using computer intelligence and all the experience from producing tens of millions of personalised and interactive videos, JustClickVideos comes to revolutionise the way property videos are created and bring you a robust, simple, affordable, and beautiful property video creation platform that will solve all your real estate video needs into the future - from your desk, in just one click.