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Don’t let your Yuletide joy turn sour… How to cook the Christmas ‘bird’ safely

Chook Chat Blog – Don’t let your Yuletide joy turn sour… How to cook the Christmas ‘bird’ safely
To keep you informed please see a link to this month's 'Chook Chat', the blog for the Australian Chicken Meat Industry, and a post by Deputy Executive Director Dr Kylie Hewson. This month's blog takes a timely look at cooking the Christmas ‘bird’ safely.
In previous blogs we’ve emphasised the importance of adhering to the key food safety principles of  ‘clean, chill, cook, separate’(see infographic here https://bit.ly/2QCwsfc) in ensuring your chicken handling skills in the kitchen are up to scratch and that your roast chook doesn’t make you crook – but how does this relate to preparing a Christmas turkey? The bacteria that may be present on raw turkey are basically the same as those that may be found on raw chicken, so the general food safety tips still apply, but the size difference between turkeys and chickens means there are some nuances to preparing your roast turkey.
The direct link to the post is https://bit.ly/2PLye8n or visit the Chook Chat blog on www.chicken.org.au.  Blog updates are also communicated via the ACMF twitter channel (@ACMFchicken).

About the ACMF
The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) is the peak body of Australia’s chicken meat industry, representing both growers and processors. Its members are the five State Chicken Meat Councils (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA), the Australian Chicken Growers’ Council and the Australian Poultry Industries Association. Its blog 'Chook Chat' is aimed at providing an insight into the way the chicken industry does things and why – it is not intended to promote products, but to provide the facts. For more information about Australian Chicken Meat Federation, visithttp://www.chicken.org.au/

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