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Ecosia, the tree planting Google alternative urges Australians to make the switch.

If 1% of Australians used Ecosia, the search engine could plant 10,155,700 trees!

According to a survey released in 2017 by the Climate Institute77% of Australians believe that climate change is occurring. 65% of Australians believe Australia should be a world leader in finding solutions to climate change.
What if there was a tool that allowed Australians to become world leaders in fighting climate change? 

There is:
Ecosia generally works like any other search engine, Google for example. Search engines make an incredible amount of money with online advertising. Unlike any other search engine, Ecosia invests 100% of its profits in reforestation projects all over the world. This means that by switching to Ecosia as a search engine, users can plant trees every day.
An average Ecosia user helps finance 41 trees per year.

If 1% of Australians switched to Ecosia, they could help plant an additional 10,155,700 trees.

An average tree in Ecosia's reforestation project portfolio sequesters 50kg of CO2 over the course of its lifetime.

This means that Australian Ecosia users could help take 507,785 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere in one year. 
Help us make Australia a world leader in fighting climate change and spread the word about the tree planting alternative to Google and Co. For further information and interview requests, please get in touch with Jacey Bingler: jacey.bingler@ecosia.org. You can find press images and videos in Ecosia's press section.