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ELANATION Launches global app giving the FREE gift of sport to all kids these holidays!

Sydney, Australia December 18, 2019 - Elanation Pty Ltd, a global leader in online sports learning solutions for kids, announces today the launch of the Elanation App in the global market. Featuring thousands of skill videos produced especially for kids with world athletes and coaches, video share, leaderboards, health dashboards, and more, the Elanation app empowers families all over the world with equal access to sports education and inspiration.


Elanation’s CEO, Katherine Maree Pace, said: “At Elanation we believe every child around the world deserves equal access to health and fitness material and inspiration. We have designed a solution that helps families in remote areas, families with double working parents, families who can’t afford a range of extra-curricular sports, families who are disappointed with how P.E is being delivered at school. We put families at the center of all our decision making and use technology for good. Using Elanation, kids are increasing their daily step count and learning; on average, two new skills a week.”


Today, the New World Health Organisation (WHO) led study says the majority of adolescents worldwide are not sufficiently physically active, putting their current and future health at risk. Urgent scaling up is needed for known effective programs (1). Elanation is offering the world a scalable solution while uniting kids, families, and countries through the love of sport, health, and movement - It is innovation with purpose. Pace continued, “Kids love to move, and Elanation gives them permission to experiment, try new sports from world-class athletes and practice, compete and socialize in a way that speaks to their curious mind and adventurous heart.”


Parents love Elanation as it is a healthy and safe app alternative for kids. It encourages their kids to move and be physically active in the living room or the back garden - and it is FREE for kids. For a small fee, parents access premium features to become more informed about their child’s sports interests, abilities, steps, heart-rate, sleep, and more. “Now we see families learning new sports skills together and spending more time outside, rather than on their devices. We see families talking about their accomplishments at the dinner table and excited to learn more. We see kids putting down their devices without tantrums as they are running off to give the next skill a go. We see awareness in kids about their health and fitness goals, from how many steps they want to take, to making sure they get a good night’s sleep” - Elanation’s COO, Aimee Atkins.


Elanation satisfies the kids’ curiosity to want to try football, soccer, gymnastics, cricket, dance, and more at a very minimal price and without a long-term commitment. Currently, over 1,000 step-by-step or follow along video lessons are available from 15 different sports, and the available material is growing fast. The Elanation app is FREE for all children and available immediately for iPhone on the AppStore and Android on the Play Store. For parents and guardians, access to premium dashboards, health insights and more costs US$4.99/week.


Former Australian women’s national soccer team Captain and Mum “As a mum and female athlete, I’m proud to be a part of Elanation and to encourage healthy play for all children through my sport. Elanation uses technology for the good, balancing sunshine and screen time, getting kids outside enjoying the fresh air, which is just great to see”. Melissa Barbieri, Elanation’s in-app football coach.


For the more competitive kids, Elanation integrates with an optional ETURBO+ Sports Watch (US$99), designed for sports-loving kids. The watch tracks activity such as steps, distance, heart rate, and sleep as well as offers mindfulness mode – very popular with the increasing trend of kids struggling with anxiety. This is just the first of a range of fun sports equipment that will connect to the platform.