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Electricity Comparison Energy Broker Belkin Is Disheartened by Outrageous Winter Electricity Bills

Due to the change in season, customers are paying even more for quarterly electricity, in spite of energy conservation efforts at home. ElectricityWizard CEO Alan Belkin is disappointed by the state of the electricity market, with continual price increases that affect the average customer.
Although a number of energy customers have seen significant price rises after the introduction of the carbon tax in July 2012, residential customers were surprised to see their winter power bills rise again by as much as $200.
As the owner of the leading electricity comparison service ElectricityWizard, Alan Belkin knows all too well how difficult it is for customers in each state to afford quarterly electricity, especially with a change in seasons.
Belkin confirms that a number of customers are resorting to special measures to conserve energy at home during the winter, like putting on warmer clothing instead of turning on the heater. Customers have been encouraged by state governments and local electricity retailers to reduce power consumption whenever possible by switching off appliances and upgrading to energy-efficient appliance models.
Belkin was disheartened to hear that some energy customers saw quarterly electricity bills rise from $520 the previous year to a whopping $755, including government concessions. Even though electricity customers are doing their part to keep household power use to a minimum, Belkin reveals, "It’s difficult and almost impossible to fight rising electricity prices, unless customers start out by using an electricity comparison to get cheaper rates."
Some customers who have used energy-saving methods like turning off electronics and installing power-saving plugs have still seen electricity rates rise by up to $160 within a three month time period. These same customers have also used an electricity comparison yet have been unable to offset the total amount of electricity price increases in their area.
Customers believe that power companies are to blame for these shocking price increases, not the recently introduced federal carbon tax. Belkin agrees. He says, "I can see where customers are coming from in finding it difficult to keep power bills manageable, even after using an electricity comparison.”
“The electricity market is volatile, and prices are rising without any sign of relief in sight. The only guarantee is for a customer to use an energy comparison to get cheaper rates and do their best to keep power consumption to a minimum around the house, until prices fall in the energy market once again.”
Customers looking for relief can use a free energy comparison available at ElectricityWizard.com.au to combat at least a portion of the rising electricity prices in their area.