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Engineer James Webb launches marketplace for freelance engineers

Engineer James Webb will launch FlexiEngineers, a brand-new marketplace for skilled freelance engineers, in January 2020. The platform is intended for freelance engineers and contractors to connect within the scope of different projects. This concept provides means for engineers to navigate through the wide freelancing landscape as effectively as possible, offering one website exclusively focusing on engineering services instead of a diverse range of disciplines. This also makes it easier for organisations to target the ideal talent for their projects, hence mutually benefiting both parties.

Previously the general view of the industry has been rather negative towards freelancing and it could be seen as revealing company secrets or even ‘working for the enemy’ but as the attitudes are rapidly changing, freelancing has become far more common for engineers. Today many employers are actually encouraging their staff to get additional experience to maximise learning. “With the constant web technological improvements and the continued acceptance for personnel to work remotely, freelancing in the engineering space is becoming more acceptable and workable,” says founder James Webb.

In addition to acquiring more experience through a variety of different projects, freelancing, especially in the engineering space can result to numerous other benefits. It can give the engineer access to equipment and tools they wouldn’t be able to invest in themselves and increase flexibility regarding time and location of work. “FlexiEngineers will provide more opportunities for freelance engineers to find work when their core contracting work stops or quietens down, not only close to home, but also internationally and remotely allowing more freedom and choice of working,” says Webb.

And it is not only the engineers, who are benefiting from this arrangement. Hiring a freelancer does not tie the employer the same way as hiring a full-time employee and this flexibility can lead to substantial profitability due to only having the correct amount of manpower and not paying for more than necessary. Webb has noticed contractors becoming more common in the workplace not only for medium-to-longer term contract positions but also for shorter commission-based assignments. Engineering space differs by nature from many other sectors since an engineer is not often needed on a full-time basis and through freelancing, contractors can hire specific experts with the exact skills they need for the particular project.

Why James Webb?

James is a freelance Chartered Electrical railway engineer who works directly with railway operators, design houses and consultancies in Australasia and South East Asia. James has worked as a contract engineer in the UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia and still freelances today from his small home office.

He has extensive knowledge on the engineering field as well as working as a freelancer himself. After spending over 15 years working for various multi nationals and local operators and spending most of that time as a freelance/contract engineer, James has seen first-hand how companies benefit from contingency workers and also how these workers get work. James had been thinking about a service like FlexiEngineers for years to help him in times when his freelancing became quiet and during busier times when he needed assistance from other contractors.

After dealing with all these obstacles for years, James has a genuine desire to help others in his situation and that is why he has come up with this game-changing solution.

About FlexiEngineers

FlexiEngineers is more than a job board; it is a growing community and marketplace for skilled engineers looking for flexible project opportunities. The platform provides a freelance engineering marketplace for independent professional engineers. The founder understands the industry pain points and requirements in this space, as a chartered (CEng) member of the IET who has worked on specialist projects globally.

For more information on the launch of FlexiEngineers.com.au, and any media enquiries, please contact Annie.deMerindol@thebigsmoke.com.au