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Equant Moves Further, Wider and Deeper into Customer Sites with Enhanced Site Management Services

Industrys most comprehensive and flexible global array of management options to support customers site needs are being enhanced

Equant is fortifying its Adaptive Network by introducing a new suite of comprehensive site management services, enabling all customer sites to be monitored and managed by Equant, even those that are not on Equants Adaptive Network, but on a local telcos or a global competitors network or LAN.
With its site management services, Equant is leveraging its previous integration services experience and offering with a renewed focus on providing flexible a la carte site management options. These services address LAN VPN management, fault management, configuration management, performance management and event service level management. The same best-of-breed tools and technologies that support Equants Global Adaptive Network are now available to seamlessly address specific customer requirements site by site.
Site management allows customers to have a single view of their VPN, regardless of the various providers they use. Site management enables Equant to monitor and manage the entire VPN instead of the VPN being managed independently in numerous parts such as Equants managed or customer managed Adaptive Network, local and regional telcos VPN, or a global competitors VPN.
This enhancement is another way that Equant is continuing to meet our customers unique global needs, said Jacques Demael senior vice president of Global Communications Solutions, Equant. We know that efficiency and cost-savings are key business objectives for our customers, and we continue seeking innovative ways to help them meet their goals.
The ability to manage with a single view sites which are located on Equants network or on any other providers network, offers an absolutely unmatched degree of flexibility and adaptability. These additional fortified services will continue to provide and enhance Equants global standing. Forresters Brownlee Thomas, states that Equant continues to lead the pack noting Equants extensive portfolio and deep global reach.[1]
Equants reach continues to be the widest available in the market place with:
Reach in 220 countries and territories, with 1,400 points of presence in 890 cities and towns with 152,000 user connections around the world;
MPLS based IP VPN available in 144 countries;
Remote access available in 140 countries, with WiFi hotspots in 57 countries and DSL in 50 countries;
Local support available in 166 countries.
About Equant
Equant is a recognised industry leader in global communications services for multinational businesses. Equant combines its network expertise with its expanded services capabilities to provide global, integrated and customised communication services to enable its customers key business processes. Equant serves thousands of the worlds top companies, with the industrys most extensive portfolio of communications services and network solutions, including the market-leading IP VPN used by more than 1,400 global businesses. Equant, a subsidiary of France Telecom, consistently leads industry surveys in corporate user satisfaction.
About Equant IP VPN
Equant Adaptive Network is a fully integrated, scalable and customised on-demand VPN offer that simplifies the seamless integration of different technologies while reducing the cost and complexity of network management. Before Adaptive Network, multinational organisations had to determine the best overall strategy for their network, focusing their choice only on one or two technologies and accepting to deal with this limitation. The adaptive network concept allows Equant to customise and tailor network solutions to individual needs of customers unique location requirements wherever they are on the globe. This customisation is more critical than just the ability to reach a given country. Site management makes Equants Adaptive Network portfolio the most flexible, comprehensive offering in the industry.