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Exercising Safely in Order to Prevent Injury

Fitness gym manager in Perth says taking precautions prior to a workout is smart.

Perth, WA, 19 November 2014 – Imagine embarking on a well-meant fitness routine, only to become injured in the process.

There are several smart moves to make to avoid this from happening, says Michelle Monks, manager of the Warwick Women’s Workout at Perth’s Warwick Leisure Centre.

“First and foremost, you should always warm up your body with stretching or even lightly jogging in place,” she says. “You don’t want to stress out your muscles by going from cold to hot. It’s a brief process, but one that is completely necessary. And then after your workout, do a cool down that involves ‘walking off’ your workout for about 5 minutes thereafter.”

Ms Monks encourages pregnant gym-goers to consult a physician if they still plan to exercise during pregnancy, since there are so many adjustments to the body physiologically. There can be both risks and benefits of maintaining an exercise routine during this time.

“Every pregnancy is different, and every woman’s body is different,” she says. “Consider the type of exercise you want to undertake and discuss this in depth with your doctor.”

Pregnant or not, a body requires a break from the stress of exercise. Monks recommends at least two days weekly, even three, if one feels they have ‘overdone’ it. “You can’t expect your body to give in to the strain of an everyday workout,” she says. “Just as your mind needs respite every now and then, so does the rest of you. If you’re injured, definitely don’t try and subject yourself to a workout.”

Your body will signal that it needs a break. If one experiences the following during a workout, seek medical assistance immediately: pain in the chest or jaw, overt breathlessness, irregular heartbeat or extreme thirst.

It’s important to drink water several hours before a workout to avoid fatigue and muscle cramps, says Ms Monks. Especially if it’s warm outside, drinking water periodically during a workout will replace lost fluids and prevent heat stroke. “Drink water before, during and after each exercise session. Electrolyte replenishing drinks are fine, but nothing is better than plain old water at room temperature for drinking during a workout.”

Equipment safety is also something that Ms Monks and all the fitness trainers at Warwick Women’s preach. Not knowing how to use a piece of equipment can be dangerous and detrimental to a successful workout routine.

“Lots of people, when they join the gym for the first time, hop on to a piece of equipment without fully learning how to use it properly,” Ms Monks says. “There is a right and wrong way, and this applies from dumbbells to the lat pulldown machine. Before you start, reduce your risk of injury by having the trainer show you.”

“There are plenty of other reasons to be safe when it comes to working out,” Ms Monks says. “Consult your physician or gym professional before embarking on a new fitness program.”

At Warwick Women’s Workout, an exclusive women’s fitness facility located in Perth, WA, their staff are happy to give advice on keeping healthy, safe and fit. Contact Michelle Monks about becoming a member of their community and join them in better health. View their web page at http://www.warwickwomensworkout.com.au or call them at (08) 9342 9028.