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Final leg of veterinarian tour revealing the latest trace minerals research for optimal dairy cattle performance concludes in Victoria

The final stage of Virbac Australia’s multi-stop tour through Victoria and Tasmania has wrapped up, and it’s being heralded as a great success by attendees so far.

Designed to explain the effects of trace minerals on dairy cattle health and performance, the roadshow was headlined by international dairy veterinarian Dr Dan Tracy, along with a host of local industry experts.

The final leg saw the team visit country Victoria locations in Simpson, Kirkstall and Tyrendarra on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June. Producers had the chance to learn more about the latest research on trace mineral science and the impact of trace mineral injections on cow and calf immune systems, with insights on how and why trace mineral injections can improve fertility and productivity.

As Dr Tracy explains, “we already know a fair bit about trace minerals as they relate to fertility – but the really interesting stuff is looking specifically at immunity and the potential for overall improvements to animal health. The US is leading the research in this area, and it really is showing us what’s achievable, with some intriguing potential solutions to help boost the overall health of dairy cows and calves.”

The final event was held on local dairy farmer Martin Knowles’ property in Tyrendarra. Martin milks 1,450 dairy cows and has been maximising the performance of his stock with Multimin for close to 15 years. Martin described the event as a great opportunity to learn more around the best times to use the trace mineral product. “I currently treat calves and heifers with Multimin trace minerals and will now start using it in dry off cows after hearing the benefits this will have on the unborn calves. Injecting our heifers with Multimin pre-joining has giving us excellent conception rates and our young stock seem to start gaining extra kilos and perform so much better after being treated. A lot of my workers have been in the dairy industry for a long time and still got a lot of Dr Tracy’s visit.”

Maryanne Mugavin from “Killarney”, Victoria attended the Kirkstall event and also gained some invaluable learnings from Dr Tracy’s presentation. “It was very interesting to hear about the benefits of treating stock with Multimin trace minerals at critical times such as pre-joining, calving and weaning. I have noticed a huge difference in my animals’ overall health since using Multimin and will now start using it at the key times suggested and monitor to see if that makes even greater improvements.”

Also in attendance was Virbac Australia’s new Technical Services Manager for Nutrition, Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, who promises to bring a wealth of experience in animal nutrition to the company in her new role.

She spoke about the improvements of vaccine response when using Multimin in conjunction with 7 in 1, explaining that “nutrition – along with adequate health programs such as vaccination and drenching – is the foundation for good health. Multimin is increasingly proving its worth, not only as one of Virbac’s best-known products for fertility, but also for immunity and overall cattle health and performance.”

Dr Tracy’s presentation at the roadshow’s Tinamba event was live-streamed on the Virbac Australia Primary Producer Facebook page, and is available to view here:
Part 1
Part 2
For more information on Virbac Australia’s injectable trace mineral Multimin, visit www.virbac.com.au/multimincattle
Media Opportunity
Virbac Australia welcomes the media to interview Dr Tracy.
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Dr Dan Tracy:
Dan Tracy DVM, MS received his DVM at Mississippi State University of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. In 2002 he received his MS degree in Dairy Production Medicine at Mississippi State. Upon completion of college, Dr Tracy worked as a large animal practitioner working with beef and dairy producers. His practice experience includes dairy and beef nutrition consultation, herd heath and reproductive management.
Virbac Australia:
Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company, with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a wide range of petcare products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses. Virbac Australia’s 2015 sales turnover was more than A$120 million. In Australia, Virbac employs around 260 personnel, all of whom are passionate about animal health. Virbac offers an injectable product called Multimin, designed to top-up important trace minerals (manganese, zinc, selenium and copper) in cattle. The focus of trace mineral supplementation has developed to beyond merely correcting deficiency symptoms. Strategic mineral supplementation is aimed at the optimisation of reproductive performance, immune function and growth, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and subsequently profitability.
Photo captions:
  1. Dr Dan Tracy, Martin Knowles and Kerri Neal
  2. Maryanne Mugavin at the Kirkstall event
  3. Dr Matt Ball presenting during last week’s roadshow