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Financial planners benefit from DomaCom and Mentor collaboration and focus on the future

Recently Mentor Education Group (Mentor) celebrated a significant collaborative milestone with DomaCom Australia Ltd (DomaCom) with the accreditation of the 500th financial adviser under the online study program developed specifically for the DomaCom Fund – an ASIC registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) that allows investors to invest in one or more properties of choice via a syndicate like / fractional investment structure.


Commenting on the achievement, Mentor founder and managing director Dr Mark Sinclair said it was a ‘natural fit’ with DomaCom and an insight into the future of the industry and the advice sector beyond 2024, the Royal Commission and FASEA. 


“The days of the stereotypical adviser being a one-dimensional risk, investment, SMSF or retirement specialist is rapidly disappearing and a broader skill set required to tap into an everchanging and evolving client environment”, said Dr Sinclair.


“As a provider of industry and business education solutions, Mentor keeps pace with these changes by providing a broad and relevant menu of academic and business improvement options”. 


“For finance, accounting and broker practitioners it has meant access to courses in broking, aged care, real estate, accounting as well as HR, management, leadership, productivity improvement, etc.”


The online accreditation course that was developed specifically for the DomaCom Fund is yet another example of this new era in the provision of learning solutions and collaboration within financial services.


Responding on behalf of DomaCom, CEO Arthur Naoumidis said since its inception DomaCom has utilised advances in technology to develop equity market concepts such as SMAs and Multi-level Managed Investment Schemes to enable investors to enter the property market in a manner similar to investing in public companies.


“Today, the DomaCom Fund is on 43 APLs and by outsourcing accreditation to specialist education provider Mentor has resulted in 500 financial advisers accredited in just four years”.


DomaCom Fund accredited financial advisers have a point of difference and are able to engage in conversation with those clients interested in property exposure in their investments and superannuation. 


In addition, accredited financial advisers can provide Gen Y and Millennials an opportunity to consider saving in a property sub-fund to enhance their property investment and /or marketplace aspirations.


DomaCom is also currently working towards an equity release product as part of the DomaCom offering for senior Australians.  An important component of the product’s launch will be the provision of an accreditation offering through Mentor.


In the long-term the Australian property market will continue to expand in response to Australia’s population growth and attraction to overseas investors.  Furthermore, it’s a sector that everyone from mums and dads to sophisticated investors can relate to i.e. as a home, workplace, investment, career, entertainment, etc. 


Hence Mentor’s focus on property with study programs including the recently introduced Real Estate Agents Representative (Victoria) course, Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Financial Planning Aged & Disability Care Adviser, and other courses, programs and workshops.


Dr Sinclair concluded, “We see ourselves (Mentor) as the ‘go to’ organisation for financial service groups such as DomaCom and advisers seeking a learning solution to broaden and deepen industry knowledge, expertise and professionalism”.


“Our goal is to make financial advisers more robust and holistic providers of financial advisory services and in doing so, create a competitive point of difference and unique selling proposition that in turn enhances prospects for business success in the future”.    




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