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FITBOD Online Offers AXIUS CORE for Tilt, Rotate and Roll only at $299

Unbelievable discount on AXIUS CORE to Build Stability…

FITBOD Online introduces innovative gym equipment to build stability with AXIUS CORE. This gym equipment is one of the most functional pieces of equipment which was designed to be as efficient as possible to build stability. It allows your body to accept three-dimensional challenges with tilt, rotation, and roll. It has a two-sided design which allows for varying instability and progression. You will have to hold it ball-side-down which provides the highest level of instability and also, it can be used dome-side-down to reduce the level of instability.
This is the perfect device you should use more often to enhance stability and a stronger core. AXIUS helps you to workout to access over 150 movements. Also, it is recommended to keep your routine workout sessions interesting. They help you to use this innovative gym equipment as they have shared a video of different body movements with this equipment. Watching the video demonstration, you would find it the easiest way of using AXIUS to change your workout style. 
It's been never easier to try all the body movements continuously which may provide a variability whilst enabling to practice most essential positions.
About the Company: FITBOD Online is your online resource for all innovative gym equipment. They introduce varied gym equipment to improve fitness and mobility to maintain your overall health.

Shop at https://www.fitbodonline.com.au/axius/