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Free app launches to help millennials and Gen Z create and achieve goals after COVID setbacks.

Free app launches to help millennials and Gen Z create and achieve goals after COVID setbacks.

Sydney, Australia, 18th September 2020, Brooke Lowry, a 28 year old successful Sydneysider who grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand launches Goalie, an app that assists young people to find their passion and achieve their goals especially after so many have experienced setbacks in 2020.

She has always been on track and she has trailblaized her way through life from a small, low income town in Auckland to living one of the world’s best lifestyles and climbing the career ladder in Sydney. Brooke knows that this is not the case for many young people including some of those closest to her. She has watched many a loved one and friend struggle with purpose, passion and goals which is why she set out to make a difference and help young people achieve their goals.

Using skills she has used to map out and achieve her personal and professional goals, Brooke developed a free app to help millennials and Gen Z, as well as anyone else who is finding themselves struggling with life purpose, work or personal goals. 

Brooke says:”I left my family and friends in NZ behind to start a new life and make it big in Sydney. My Dad is an entrepreneur and he encouraged me to take risks. I am the eldest of three and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. At 16, I created a business plan for an Interactive Daily Planner which tells you your day plans while driving or preoccupied. I planned to market it for $100. Hello iPad and Siri of today…”

Brooke is a serious goal achiever and she has visited over 40 countries, doubled her salary in the past two years, started a side hustle and saved $30k in 8 months. She has been working in the finance and tech industry for five years as a senior product owner with agile certification.

Goalie, has a team of 7 of Australia’s top tech talent, who are all in their 20’s and all work part-time remotely to ensure that Goalie helps young people plan and take action to achieve their goals.

Brooke would love to help young people find their passion and purpose. She is also a guest speaker at various industry events run by General Assembly, Gals en Australia and My Millennial Money. Brooke has a Masters of Business in Marketing. 

Brooke concludes: “During Beta testing one participant said ‘very practical. I loved to hear a similar story to mine. Makes me feel I am not alone in this and I can get out of my problems.’ This makes it all worthwhile and we hope that Goalie can help young Australians and Kiwis reach and achieve their dreams with our productive and carefully planned methodology.”

Goalie is available on iOS, Android version is coming soon.


Brooke is available to discuss:

The importance of goal setting

How to be productive

Future of work

Resilience and leadership

Women in digital/tech


Launching a start-up during COVID


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