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Creative Toys: Learning Happens while Children are Busy Having Fun


Creative Toys: Learning Happens while Children are Busy Having Fun

The idea of structured education and learning can be a big, and possibly scary, concept for a small child to assimilate when their vocabulary’s too limited to understand what the word means, and they find it hard to sit in a chair long enough for an adult to explain it. But their desire to learn by using their senses is there from the time they start “playing” with strange moving parts like toes, according to Queensland's Lorraine Haynes, the proprietor of K &K Creative Toys in Brisbane.

“Young Australians’ early knowledge of the concepts and actions which are the cornerstones of education and learning, is largely based on experience. Whether that’s through playing with their toes in the crib, tugging on mum’s hair, unpacking the kitchen cupboard, trying to “taste” the garden soil, or their habit of constantly asking “Why?”. Clearly, play is one of education’s best tools," Haynes said.

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Finding the Right Toys for Learning

Haynes said that while the idea of using toys in childhood development was nothing new, the benefits of toys and the many positive effects toys have on children's growth and learning, have been identified and recognised for their positive contribution.

Powered by massive growth in research and development in this sector, the importance of toys’ educational function has led to the creation today of toys especially designed to encourage certain areas of child development. However, many were developed on the basic principles adopted in the creation of old-school toys instinctively chosen by the parents of past generations.

“Even the knitted teddies and hand-cut building blocks of many decades ago have succeeded in preparing children for using skills, and better understanding concepts, when their teacher later discusses them at school. But what's different about today’s new breed of toys, is that they are specially created to reach specific ends, ” Haynes said.

Educational Benefits of Play

In identifying and testing the educational aspects of toys and play, researchers studying childhood education have come up with a string of ways in which play may assist young children.

These include better levels of creative thinking and cognitive skills, as well as improvement in problem-solving, motor skills, concentration, and the ability to focus for a reasonable period. Social interaction, conflict resolution, and better understanding of the concept of cause and effect are also considered to be areas where the play/learning combination can be of assistance.

To learn more about Lorraine Haynes, or discover more about the wide collection of fun and educational toys she has put together at K&K Creative Toys in Brisbane, Queensland, visit K and K Creative Toys Online - Wooden Toys, Educational Toys & Games website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or come in store to 196 Wardell St, Enoggera, QLD or call (07) 3354 1044.

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