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Get Your Dream Dress for Your Special Day at Meg’s Tailoring

At Megs Tailoring they are all professionals and are highly skilled in listening to you and adapting your ideas to design your dream dress for your wedding.

Think about it, is there such a thing as a time of the year when people are not getting married? No. Any time of the year is the perfect time for a wedding, so a company which provides a dressmaking and alteration service for bridal wear is always going to be busy. Dial up Megs tailoring to find that the team there are busy all year round, catering to brides who are seeking a beautiful gown for their most special of days. Megs Tailoring are ultimately there to design your dream wedding dress but they can also make alterations to an existing gown you may have. Nothing is too much trouble for the consultants at Megs Tailoring. First of all, make an appointment by phoning them in Newmarket at +64 (09) 5294249 or in the CBD on +64 (09) 3092626 and put yourself in their hands.

You will instantly feel comfortable and totally at home as their experienced seamstresses and designers talk with you about your ideas. The team at Megs Tailoring have ‘seen it all and done it all’ and are daily keeping up with the latest trends in design and fabrics. So, if you have any photos out of a magazine or someone’s dress you have seen that you really loved, bring it along to the team at Megs Tailoring and they can replicate the gown or work it into a totally original design for you. Megs Tailoring appreciate that because your wedding day is so special, you want to feel really special when you come in to discuss your needs and ideas.

At Megs Tailoring they are all professionals and are highly skilled in listening to you and adapting your ideas. They will make you feel so comfortable and will contribute their own ideas drawn from many decades of experience in bridal dressmaking and clothes design. You can put yourself safely in the hands of Megs Tailoring consultants. Also, remember that if you already have a lovely gown you have been given or have bought online, Megs Tailoring’s team are the consummate professionals in the clothing alterations business. They will make your ‘second hand rose ‘stand out like a couture gown on your special days. As their motto goes ‘tailoring with experience’ you can feel totally relaxed in putting yourself in their hands when you come to make the big decision wedding day. It’s so easy, Check their tailoring services on their website and contact them to book an appointment.