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Getting a US Mortgage With Foreign Income

US, Australia, UK, Canada Mortgage for Foreign National

Borderless Mortgagor Group works with hundreds of lenders but many of these firms are relatively unheard of or difficult to access.These banks, specialist funds and lenders fly under the radar of most, but they facilitate a substantial part of the high net worth mortgage market.

 Borderless Mortgagor Group mortgage offering includes:

• Residential Mortgages 
• Buy to Let Mortgages 
• Commercial Finance 
• Development Finance 
• Bridging Finance 
• Asset Finance 
• We arrange mortgages across the world

Our major markets can be found wherever there is a solid lending and property market with international appeal. This includes but is not limited to:

• The United Kingdom 
• Australia
• United States- All 50 states
• Spain
• Germany
• Portugal
• Switzerland
• United Arab Emirates

Here are examples of the deals we are able to source for our clients through these channels.


Mortgage type: US Foreign National Mortgage Program For Overseas Residents

Property: Santa Barbara, California

Property Price: $750,000

LTV: 75%

Rate: 3.84%

Term: 30 years-5/1ARM


Mortgage Type: Australian Non-Resident Mortgage

Property: Brisbane, Australia

Property Price: $640,000

LTV: 75%

Rate: 4.88%

Term: 30 years (variable)

Borderless negotiates individual terms and conditions with all of these lenders. In a fragmented market, we know exactly which firms to approach based on the circumstances of each client. We understand the nuances of each lender and each type of mortgage, we navigate the market for our clients to pick out the very best terms and conditions.

Borderless Mortgagor Group

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