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Plans from just $9 per GB per month in Australia and from only $19 per GB per month to include an additional 10 countries internationally

SYDNEY 19 August 2013 – Mobile data pioneers Globalgig have today revolutionised mobile data usage forever with the launch of their ultra-low cost 3G data service in 40 countries across the globe including the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Italy and Spain.


The company now offers its 3G mobile data service in Australia from just $9 for 1GB per month and from only $19 per 1GB per month internationally (full details of countries and rates below) with no lock in contracts and the freedom to change plans month by month at no extra cost.


In addition to its significant domestic appeal within Australia, the service is also aimed squarely at business and personal travellers, particularly those who use mobile data hungry devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Launched to satisfy the public’s ever-growing need to consume mobile and cloud-based data as they move away from PCs, Globalgig’s mantra was to eliminate the horrendous bill shock suffered by so many mobile data users and to enable the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and mobile devices in as many countries as possible, without users having to change their data habits at all.


Globalgig GM James Boardman explained, “Our value proposition is a simple one and an unmatched one. With Globalgig you can now choose a plan that provides 1GB of mobile data in Australia from just $9 per month and internationally starting from just $19 per GB per month for the Jetsetter plan, without changing any of your usual data habits. This means no more panic over data roaming or looking for the nearest WiFi when you land overseas, you simply connect to Globalgig and use your device as you would normally within Australia, whichever country you’re in.”


All Globalgig customers can use the low cost 3G data service by purchasing the small pocket-sized Globalgig $49 mobile WiFi hotspot that can connect up to five users at any one time, or a $2 SIM card that works with an iPad, iPad Mini, Android and Windows 8 tablet, smartphone or laptop.


Globalgig’s raison d’être came when Chris Shaw and Chris Eade, respectively co-founder and CEO of Direct Group, owner of Aussie home shopping icons including Innovations, Damart and TVSN amongst many others, seized the opportunity to launch Globalgig’s ultra-low cost mobile data service in Australia and now internationally.


Boardman continued, “Chris and Chris wanted to create a typical, fair-go Aussie consumer champion in terms of a mobile data service. No fixed contracts, no hidden charges, easy to use and above all extremely low cost. That’s how Globalgig truly enables you to use data on your mobile devices both domestically and overseas where other carriers financially punish you for it.”


The company has a raft of new technology, product and coverage releases coming in the near future but for now Boardman says the momentum is all around the 40 countries and further increasing coverage.


Boardman concluded, “We have a simple challenge for consumers and competitors alike - try us and see if you can beat us for value for money and international coverage. We have even more announcements to come around this but, just as an indicator an International Casual Traveller Data Pack from a major Australian Telco will currently cost you $1800 to use 2GB of mobile data overseas, whereas to use 3GB with Globalgig in 10 overseas countries can cost you as little as $35 on the Jetsetter plan – and no, that’s not a typo!”


You can now use the Globalgig low cost mobile data service as follows:

1.            In Australia

– from $9 per GB per month


2.            Internationally

UK, USA, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Sweden

- from $19 per GB per month




Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, San Moreno, Slovakia, Slovenia Turkey and Vatican City

- for an additional 20 cents per MB (only pay for what you use)


To find out more about why Globalgig is being used increasingly by business, personal and family travellers alike and for a full list of plans and rates go to: www.globalgig.com.au


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