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Granddaughter of Aussie Boxing Legend Fights for the Dignity of Young Men

THE GLOVES are off for the granddaughter of Australian boxing great Tommy Burns as she steps into the ring to fight for the dignity of men through a young men’s online video academy she developed with councilors and facilitators called “Young Men of Manne

Sydney men's fashion and style columnist, Louise Edmonds, regularly witnesses the struggles men face in today's topsy- turvy world through her online business, MenStylePower. Through this platform, she not only presents the latest style trends for her audience, but also lifestyle tips covering etiquette, morals and ethics and gentlemanship.

Seemingly through her Grandfather’s fighting spirit outside of the ring, where he mentored disadvantaged youths, Louise is doing much the same with her compassionate focus on men in need of direction to succeed in life.

"For 12 years now, MenStylePower has been one of the only Australian men's lifestyle platforms published by a woman," said the hard-working mother of one. "And it was during this time, I noticed an urgent need to provide the sons, lads and dads of this great nation with a different vehicle for change aesthetically and purposefully”.

Edmonds reveals with the high rates of suicide, depression, anxiety and fatherlessness, the opportunity occurred to collaborate at a men’s event in November 2019 named, Manifest AUS. “We opened the discussion on “Redefining Masculinity in the 21st Century and it was life-changing. With the main reasons for our high suicide rates being a relationship break-down, finance issues and job loss, we need to act now to bring these key teachings to our young men.

Edmonds is a female voice for the empowerment of men yet she’s not unfamiliar with misfortunes, being a survivor of child sex abuse, assault and domestic violence, Louise is well apt to speak on the current #metoo movement and not ostracize the discussion from good men. “The future is male and female, and we need each other, healthy and whole”.

Young Men of Manners is currently seeking investment to take the entire project online as a video academy for Australian millennials.

About Louise

Edmonds experienced success early on with MenStylePower by writing for top-ranked US-based designer fashion companies such as Nautica and Barneys New York and became an in-demand men’s fashion writer. She writes for FashionBeans UK, Brands Exclusive, Sydney Morning Herald’s Executive Style, AskMen.com and CEO Magazine.

About Tommy Burns

Her late grandfather Tommy Burns (born Geoffrey Murphy in 1922 in Mullumbimby, NSW) was Australian welterweight champion in the 1940s. After his fight career he became a movie star, newspaper columnist, and a security guard for Frank Sinatra, and established a boxing gym in Sydney teaching disadvantaged boys in boxing skills and good manners, for Burns prided himself on that aspect of life.


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