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Graphic Design is my Passion

Ask our Senior Graphic Designer


For many young, aspiring graphic designers they pounder the topic graphic design is my passion


Graphic design is my passion is a search term that is googled more each year than I've had hot dinners throughout my life. But what does this phrase actually mean? It's such a idiosyncratic thought or feeling. Or is it simply just a phrase used on the resume of those looking to gain marketing internships?  


As the Head of Marketing at an award winning digital marketing agency I wanted to get to the bottom of this google search phrase.

So we tasked the pepperit, Senior Graphic Designer, Matty Best to share his wise words of wisdom on the topic.  


Matty writes "The fundamental design skills I learned from my study (and especially starting out as a junior in a packaging agency) began to integrate into my personality, relationships, hobbies and my life in general." 

For Matty, graphic design has created a lifelong impression, with the design principals and foundations of proximity, colour and hierarchy - as well as breaking all those rules an application of life.  

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