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GYYMI celebrates 1st birthday in style

Exciting news for Australian Personal Trainers and Gyms

To celebrate GYYMI’s 1st birthday, Team GYYMI has rallied around to remove all weekly transaction fees for GYYMI Trainer accounts and has removed all account keeping fees for GYYMI Gyms accounts!  GYYMI is putting even more money in the pockets of their trainers and gyms. 
​Hip hip hip hooray! 

Back a year ago, on the 17th of December 2018, an upstart, startup called GYYMI was launched in the Australian Health and Fitness industry in an attempt to break down some of the barriers that forced Personal Trainers into unreasonably restrictive contracts with large gym franchises, preventing them from being able to train anywhere they wanted to. Throughout the year, new GYYMI features have been added at the request of many trainers to help them with their needs. 

GYYMI continues to break down these walls, meticulously growing the numbers of contract-free gyms to over 60 in Sydney alone and over 170 personal trainers. And organically has spread into Victoria and Queensland. GYYMI Trainers have also invited over 60 of their clients to join GYYMI, arranging sessions in gyms within the GYYMI network and other locations of their choice, whilst receiving payments through GYYMI as well.

GYYMI is a truly, one-stop-shop tool that is perfect for the flexible day-to-day demands of a personal trainer.



GYYMI is a powerful smartphone app that has been developed by Australian fitness industry specialists to introduce qualified trainers and their clients to a whole new world of gyms, fitness centres and studios who offer affordable and flexible space for rent. GYYMI also allows Personal trainers to train their clients in locations of their own choice such as a gym not in the GYYMI network, a park, at the beach, in the client's home. GYYMI opens a whole world fo training opportunities for full-time and part-time Personal Trainers who need flexibility and freedom to choose how they run their businesses.
Please visit the GYYMI website for information on how to download GYYMI and all of the exciting benefits for Gyms, Personal Trainers and their clients.


*Please visit the website for terms & conditions.