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Holiday Season Technopuzzle Fun from Sophos

Computer Security gurus Sophos are running a Christmas Conundrum -- a two-stage puzzle with a Dragon Tattoo flavour -- as a bit of holiday-season fun.

Three successful puzzlers will each win a Lego Mindstorm. (Yes. Journos are allowed to enter.)

Start by solving this simple 24-character code:


All you need to do is to figure out how to transform this code into a URL. Then follow your nose to the next stage.

Stage Two is a bit tougher. It doesn't require cipher-cracking skills (though they might come in handy). Instead, a bit of lateral thinking should get you to the solution.

Watch out for the hashtag #sophospuzzle on Twitter, or email l.salander@sophos.com for hints.


More info at Sophos's Naked Security website:


Paul Ducklin is available for comment (and to give hints):