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Home Lighting Tips for Winter Havens

Nothing is more inviting than a well-lit space. When presenting your home for sale or considering your next renovation, great light will be the key to your success. By giving some thought into how your space can be enhanced and highlighted, lighting can help you to create a warm, cozy welcoming feel, especially important now winter has arrived.

Sydney Property Styling expert and Director of Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson, shares her top tips for home staging to ensure you make a real statement with your lighting.

Draw The Eye
  • When renovating a space, your lighting can speak as loud as a statement wall or sculpture so why not consider a pendant light.
  • As the perfect piece to position above a dining table, in an entry space or above a kitchen island a pendant light is a simple way to make a big statement.
  • Easy to fit, a pendant light can instantly change a room and drawing the eye, providing the room with an alternative lighting source.
Keep Things Natura
  • What is more beautiful then natural lighting? As it’s been proven that people respond better to naturally vibrant spaces, consider shear curtains or shutters for your main living areas as it maximise the amount of natural light filling the space.
  • Introduce mirrors into darker spaces to allow natural light to be captured and bounce around the area.
  • When showing your home, be sure to keep any heavy curtains or roller blinds opened so natural light can brighten the room.
Task Lighting
  • Attention to detail is key when it comes to lighting so ensure you are using the right type of lighting for each space. Whether you are presenting your home or just renovating a space, it is important you don’t overlook task lighting.
  • Eliminating the strain poor lighting leaves on a person’s eye, down lighting or LED lights in the kitchen or study area will help the space feel functional.
  • Getting creative with LED strips to illuminate a space is a funky way you can brighten a space which is not prone to natural lighting such as a wardrobe, kitchen cabinetry or dark hall way.
Create Ambience
  • Lighting plays an important role when it comes to setting the mood of a space.
  • Use dimmable lights so you are able to control the level of light and create ambient light.
  • Create a softer, moodier glow ambient lighting by incorporating floor and table lamps.
  • Taking away from the possibility of harsh overhead lighting, lamps create a warm and cozy feel perfect for winter weather.