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How an Aussie Start Up is helping the Fitness Industry get through COVID19

COVID19 in Australia affected many industries almost overnight. No bigger was when the Hyperbeat co-founders woke up to the news that the fitness industry were to shut their doors until future notice. Hyperbeat specialises in manufacturing custom activewear that businesses can brand with their logo, specifically for the fitness industry. In one night 100% of their customer base were shutdown.

The Hyperbeat team called a crises meeting and got working on exploring how they could assist their customer base and still maintain a reliable order stream.

The team struck gold when they re-purposed an online store option they had been testing during 2019. The concept was simple. The gym owner or fitness business sends in their logo and the Hyperbeat team does the rest, simple.

They create the business owner a fully functional online activewear store to sell their own designs. All FREE of charge. Allowing the owner to mark-up the items with profits being paid out to the store owners account on a weekly basis. With the rush for trainers to get their business online, this was a hassle free and cost effective way to sell their merchandise and let their members support them.

On launch Hyperbeat was inundated with over 100 store requests on the first day. The store owners averaging $542 in weekly profits. Income that went a long way during these uncertain times.

Hyperbeat have reported 400% increase in orders since launch. So much so they have had to actually employee more staff to keep up with demand.

So how does is all work? Well the secret to Hyperbeats success is their simplicity of use. The business owner doesn’t need to do anything. The team will create custom active wear designs on their own high quality active wear range that they manufacture. There are no minimum order requirements, which allows the fitness business owner to promote their store to their client base while Hyperbeat will fulfil the orders and send the owner the profits.

Hyperbeat stated the free online store option has been so popular that international fitness businesses started requesting stores to be made for them.

An innovative idea that has help many fitness business owners keep their doors open.


About Hyperbeat

Hyperbeat is a custom active wear manufacture that services the wider Fitness Industry by creating high quality activewear that businesses can brand with own logo and sell to their member base. There are no minimum order requirements.

They are an online start-up that has amassed a client book of over 1,500 gyms around Australia and quickly becoming the gold standard in the industry.

Website: www.hyperbeat.com.au

Email: info@hyperbeat.com.au

Number: 0400141387

Co-Founders: Matthew Tait & Nicholas Tait