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How Apple’s New Privacy Policy Can Impact Advertisers

Back in June 2020, Apple made huge waves when it announced significant privacy changes to its new iOS 14 updates. These developments will forever change the way businesses advertise through mobile apps.

A digital agency focusing on mobile advertising for their clients will need to brace themselves on how the changes will affect their performance. Now that the release of the update is just around the corner, here’s what every consumer and business owner should know about Apple’s new initiative.

What is IDFA?

iOS devices use a system called “Identifier for Advertising” or IDFA to help businesses target their mobile ads and estimate their effectiveness. Whenever a consumer uses an app on their phone, those apps can track their behaviour across other apps and websites in order to target them for advertising.

IDFA does the tracking without revealing the user’s personal information. However, with Apple taking a strategic stance on privacy being every user’s right, IDFA will be rendered nearly pointless!

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