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How to use a solar charger for your mobile phone

Power anywhere for all your gear!

Having a solar charger means that you have power for your mobile gear, anywhere the sun shines. No more flat battery inspired disasters - and when your family carries one, no more excuses that "But my battery was dead, and I couldn't call to say I was running late!" too.

Solar power for your mobile devices also means you are taking less power from the grid - saving the planet AND saving money one recharge at a time.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your solar charger:

  1. A great way to use a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet while camping or bushwalking is to WEAR IT! Strap it to your backpack and recharge your portable battery anywhere you go. Then its on hand to charge up your phone, camera, GPS or the kid's iPod (so you can enjoy the serenity a bit longer).
  2. Pop it onto the car console or dashboard while driving to catch some rays. 
  3. Leave it on the windowsill at home through the day so you can recharge off the grid at night. If you are charging through a window, windscreen, etc, be aware that the charging times will be increased especially if your windows are tinted.
  4. The power of the sun's rays depend on the season, as during summer the earth faces more directly towards the sun. So charge times can vary depending on the season where you are.
  5. To increase the efficiency of your solar charger, make sure the panels directly face the sun at all times. As the sun moves across the sky throughout the day, adjust your solar charger accordingly. 
  6. The time of day is also an important factor to consider when using your solar charger. You will get the best performance when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, usually at noon. In fact, an hour charging at Noon will give better charge than a few hours later on the same day.
  7. Extreme weather can affect your solar charger's efficiency, so if its baking hot, protect your charger from until its a little cooler, ideally less than 45deg C.

About the author

Pia Argiratos is the marketing manager and owner of Powered Life www.poweredlife.com.au, an Australian company that helps people enjoy their mobile technology wherever they are. Powered Life is an online store with the best brands for solar chargers, portable power packs and protective, tough cases for mobile devices all in one place.

Powered Life has solar chargers from leading brands including Powertraveller. From pocket sized Powermonkey Explorer to family sized Powergorilla + Solargorilla, from waterproof Powermonkey Extreme to the brand new all in one Solarmonkey Adventure, we have a solar charger to suit your lifestyle and mobile devices.