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How to vaccinate your brand to emerge well on the other side

Preparing for the 'new normal'

For many businesses the first option as things moved south with COVID-19 was raid the budget, cutting marketing, digital marketing management, employee benefits, professional and organisational development. But if the global financial crisis is anything to go by those that protected these budgets, but pivoted during the crisis recovered 9 times faster than those that did not. 

So now it’s time to prepare for the ‘new’ normal.

What can you do to emerge as a brand your customers will love on the other side of COVID-19?

Stop making social media all about content and use it as listening tool. That’s where many are spending the majority of their days, you’ll be astonished at the insights and marketing intel you’ll be able to gather.

Ask yourself what is or isn’t appropriate? Remember your brand and your target audience. Your customers still need to hear from you. They still need your support. But be careful with messaging and tone.  

Check your edm marketing automations weekly. Wording that worked on a Thursday may no longer work on Friday. Ensure they are appropriate and not tone deaf.

What are you hearing? What reassurance can you provide? If you said something a week ago, it may be time to communicate again.

Show humility. Don’t be opportunistic    

Ensure your customer service remains intact.

Say what you are doing about COVID-19. This may be simple and small messages. Little messages that communicate your people are safe, your team is available and what is your transition plan post COVID life.

Many businesses are hurting. Could you reduce your prices or fees or provide additional services to add value? That small gesture now may add brand loyalty for years to come.

There is so much digital noise. Focus on the right things.

We’ve become the society who is always on call - websites, social media, youtube, emails. You must be on the ball and ready to assist.

If your business has the creditability to make people smile now is the time.

The simple steps now could make all the difference.


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