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iCloud Briefcase 2TB Cloud Storage for $132/year - Thats $11.00 /month

Simple, secure online backup for all your files wherever you are makes iCloudDrive a hot pick in the cloud space

When it comes to quantity, iCloud outperforms! The company's iCloudDrive Briefcase service provides 2TB (2048GB) cloud storage space for users for only $132/year or about $.06/GB/year (equates to $11 a month). In contrast, many cloud services providers give 2GB - 5GB of storage space for free and users pay charges for more space ranging from $.25 to $2/GB/year. In line with the company stratedy of delivering leading edge cloud solutions to reduce cost and capture efficiencies, iCloudDrive is positioned as aservices for clients that are ready to move to the cloud and are looking for really great value thats comes witha tremendous amount of storage space.

Briefcase is a personal storage space for your files- and there’s no limited to the number of computers you backup. Sync between your PCs and Macs having instant, automatic protection and access to your photos, music, and documents with access to your information from your mobile so your files go with you, anywhere.

And there are other impressive advantages of iCloudDrive Briefcase aside from offering the best value dollar for dollar. You can view and even edit files on your Briefcase from any web browser as well as being able to view them on your mobile. Listen to your music and watch your movies anywhere you go. If you need to send large files to your friends, family or colleagues, it’s as easy as one click with iCloudDrive.

iCloud offers a full 14-day Money Back Guarantee with all iCloudDrive services presenting the opportunity to experience first-hand the power and feature rich apps iCloudDrive delivers. To get in Cloud control by having your information from all your computers whether PC or Mac in one place and with you wherever you go, look to where the action and best value is with all-in-one iCloudDrive. Visit iCloud for Home or iCloud for Business.

About iCloud Inc.

iCloud brings innovation through high-performing cloud solutions to clients that want simple IT delivered in a less expensive way keeping information safe, secure and internet accessible. For more information, please visit www.i-cloudinc.com or www.i-cloudinc.com/iCloudDrive or contact us. iCloud Inc., 817-400-6403, info@i-cloudinc.com